Eat A Cookie

“Today, me will live in the moment, unless it is unpleasant, in which case, me will eat a cookie.” Cookie Monster


It happened today. I took myself down to the Dunkin Donuts in town for an iced coffee and ended up with a bag of donut holes.  I sat in the parking lot of my office and jammed my mouth full of the powdered sugar goodness.

As I stuffed the contents of the bag into my wide open jaws… (I will not tell you how many there were…that info is between me, God, and the poor Dunkin Employee.) I couldn’t help but think….This is how I will die…. shoving donut holes in my mouth with powered sugar sprinkled all over my shirt, pants, and car.

I thought I had hidden the evidence pretty well, until I walked into the office and an co-worker pointed out the powdered sugar mustache I was sporting.

Currently I am SUPPOSED to be eating healthy, and I don’t think donuts or donut holes are on the approved list of things to eat for breakfast. In fact, I am pretty sure they are forbiddenIf my Zumba instructor saw me… I am pretty sure I would be kicked out of class.

Now before you go to judging me, hear me out. 99.9 percent of the time I am an ultra healthy eater. I eat things like fruits, veggies, protein bars, and smoothies. However… there are those times when  an apple simply won’t do.

“I have that REALLY important meeting with my boss today… I better eat an orange!”

No… I want a BIG fat chocolate Brownie. That orange, while tasty and nutritious, is NOT going to comfort me the way a brownie is. That brownie is going to invite me in like an old friend…welcoming me with it’s gooey deliciousness.

Why is it when we see someone going though the cookie or candy aisle, we automatically judge them? “Does she REALLY need a WHOLE bag of Oreos?” You know you have done it. We all have.

Now I am in now way condoning eating a bag of Oreos everyday, but there are those days you just need to cut lose. Eating a big bowl of beansprouts is NOT going to make me feel better about the fact I just lost everything on my computer. A banana is not going to make me feel better about myself when I fall down the stairs in front of a hot co-worker.

Loosen up. Don’t be so snooty. Cut loose every once in a while. Take time to eat that cookie….now if you find yourself eating boxes of cookies in multiple days….you may need a 12 step program.

Life is too short to eat organic, vegan, gluten free EVERY day. So many of us deprive ourselves of so much because we are scared. Live in the moment. I don’t listen to that “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” mumbo jumbo.  I workout 4 days a week and hike 16-20 miles every Saturday, so by golly, I can eat a bag of donut holes every now and then.

Maybe I am writing this as a way to convince myself that my donut fest this morning was not really a sin. It really doesn’t matter. It is over and done with now and I have no regrets. I know I am not a pig or a glutton, I am merely a hard working middle aged woman trying to make it through the day, and today I needed a bag of donut holes to do so.  Life can’t be all fruit and veggies. Sometimes you just need to eat the COOKIE!

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11 thoughts on “Eat A Cookie

  1. I just have to share this with my niece who was trying to talk herself out of eating one cookie. She finally gave in when I told her that 3 Chip Ahoy cookies were only 120 calories. Actually, I just looked and it’s 160 calories, and I usually only eat two. You do a lot more activity than most! I’m with you enjoy life! God has given us these good things to enjoy. I Timothy 6:17b

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  2. Miss it when you don’t have time to write! Luv this. I was at Dunkin’ a few minutes ago, before I stopped to pick up my salad with tuna (LOL). I treated myself to a chocolate chip cookie which I wills savor at some point later this afternoon.

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    • Thank You! I have been super busy, and well…. in a little funk. Most of the time I write when I am going through something, but this time, God wanted me to stay silent for a while. Don’t worry… I’m back. 🙂 Enjoy that cookie!!!!!!!

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