Before I Speak…..

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous then ignorance.”  George Bernard Shaw

How many of us are quick to jump to conclusions?  Go ahead…. raise your hand.  Yes…YOU…. Go on.

It is quiet easy to get caught up in the drama and goings on that we jump on the first band wagon we that comes riding by.

I have done it.

You have done it.

We ALL have done it.

Someone posts a picture on Facebook with a few “facts” about a celebrity or political candidate and before we know it….we’ve hit the share button.

Some of you probably have even shared this little gem…..

Somehow we lose all sense of intelligence and we follow the masses….never stopping to see if what we are spreading is true or false. Everyone is talking about it… is HAS to be true.


False knowledge is dangerous. Very dangerous. It can cause destruction, bitterness, and even war.  However it is becoming more and more commonplace. We are lazy, and we are gullible.  It takes too much effort to take the time to research facts. Believing what the crowd says is true is MUCH MUCH easier.

Social media is the WORST place for false information to spread. On any given day I can open my Facebook feed and see at the minimum 25-30 post with false info. Posts about the Republicans being hypocritical. Posts about the Democrats being heathens. Posts about foreigners coming to slit my throat in the night.

So crazy….yet….

We fall for it……

Hook. Line. and Sinker.

Don’t be THAT guy. Be smart. Be proactive. Check your facts. If not…you are just going to be part of the problem. Not the solution.

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7 thoughts on “Before I Speak…..

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