I Stand Defiant

It is only in the sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. – Amelia Barr.

Storms suck.

I know they are sometimes gorgeous to watch, and they can produce great beauty after they pass….

But they suck.

Especially when you are stuck in one.

Being pelted by wind blown rain, surrounded by clashing thunder and lightening, being soaked to the core…..well….

It sucks.

Such are the storms that occur in our personal lives. Just like the physical storms that blow through, they are just as powerful and scary.  We are soaked with frustration, worry, and fear. The taunts and jeers of others and our own self pity are some so loud that we begin to wonder if we will ever have peace again.

We shelter in place and pray we don’t get struck by the lightening.

I love the movie Twister. Even though storms terrify me, and having been through a couple of tornados myself, I find the idea of storm chasing fascinating.

I particularly like the scene where Helen Hunt stands facing the tornado… almost daring it to take her.

Lately it seems my life has been one storm after another.  There really isn’t anything wrong or tragic happening… it is just life.

Worries about finances
Self doubt
Concern about loved ones
Work responsibilities

For the past month I felt it difficult just to stand. The force of the storm has been so powerful that a few times I was sure I would lose my footing.

But I haven’t.

And lately I have gotten to thinking about Helen Hunt and that tornado.

Was she scared?  Absolutely.  But she was also determined. Determined to defy the storm and let it know that also it sought to destroy her, she was not going to fall willingly. She stood toe to toe with it and it looked it right in the eye.

What if I did that with the storms in my life? Instead of crouching in a corner, I stood up tall….looking it right in the eye.  If I walked towards them with a strong attitude instead of an attitude of defeat, how different would that be?

Doing so is so much easier said then done. First of all I am little ole me and NOT Helen Hunt. Second, that was a movie and this is real life. But I think the possibility is there….if I truly want to overcome my storm and feel joy instead of sorrow.

Storms don’t last forever. And if I can stand during the times of their rage, well then I think that makes me victorious. After the storm comes great beauty and great strength for the one who withstood it. Each time I stand defiant in front of a storm, it doesn’t make me weaker for the next one, it makes me stronger.

I may not get knocked down a few times in my life, but what matters is what happens once I am on the ground. Do I stay there and surrender to the storm….letting it rage and batter everything around me? Or do I get up, and stare it down, showing it that I am NOT going down with a fight?

I like the idea of being defiant. It makes me feel rebellious. 🙂

Friend, I know we all have storms we have to weather, but stay strong. Don’t fall and bet battered. Get up and stand defiant.

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