Don’t Stop

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop. — Confucius

I like to win.

There… I said it.

I love beating people. I just can’t help it. The competitive nature in me just won’t ever die. Even everyday task, like checking out at the grocery store can be a fierce competitive battle for me.  If I see you heading for the same checkout line as I am aiming for, you better believe I am going to turn on the turbo boosters on my shopping buggy.

I hate to lose.

The only problem with that is…I’m not fast. In fact, I am slow.  Quickness and agility were traits that were not gifted to me when I was created. Instead of being the speedy hare I think I am…I am more like the lowly tortoise.

I am not going to lie…. sometimes that gets me down. Especially when I see others speeding off and doing the things I want to do in half the time. I try to keep up with them for a while only to realize….THIS SUCKS and I am no longer enjoying the moment.

I begin to speak negative about myself.  You know the kind of talk I am talking about….

You are such a slug.
If you weren’t so chubby you could probably go faster.
You look so silly trying to keep up.
This is beyond your abilities. You should have just stayed home.
WHAT were you THINKING???????????

Sadly, I watch as everyone passes me by and leaves me.  I smile. But on the inside I am ugly crying.

But do you know the one thing I don’t do? Out of all the negative talk and self loathing comes a ray of hope…..

I NEVER stop.

I keep going.

Chances are I am grumbling, whining, and crying, but I am still moving.

But why?

Well friend, I come to realize that it is not about my speed, finesse, or style. It is about my heart, my drive, and my determination to finish.  There are moments I literally sit down and have myself a good cry, but I wipe my tears, suck up the snot, and start walking again. Sure…you may get there before me, but you know what????

I WILL get there.

Along the way I am enjoying the view and the journey. I am learning that I am stronger then I give myself credit for, I am faster then I think, and that with each step I am further along then I was 10 steps ago.

Just because we don’t do things as fast or as well as others does not mean we are incapable. It just means our journey looks different. The important thing is the getting there. Sure I am going to fall, huff, puff, whine, claw, and cry the whole way, but I WILL make it to the end and I WILL see the same glorious views as you.

Don’t EVER stop. Keep putting one foot in front of another. Take each day minute by minute. Others are going to pass you…that’s OK. Don’t let it discourage you.

You’ll see them at the top!

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Stop

  1. Persistence, and patients pays off! I myself am the same way and can’t really get anywhere too fast and there are times when it really irks me as the whole world (okay my husband) seems to be running past me at break neck speed. I am setting a personal goal for myself right now, I am going to use your mantra and remind myself that ‘I WILL GET THERE!’ and there is nothing wrong with being a little slower 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. Yayyyy Jess! Thanks for making me smile again. I have probably said this before, but you really should consider putting all of these in a book, a funny inspirational book. I bet it would sell. You remind me of an Erma Bombeck.

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