Just Us

I am not the easiest person to love.

I am selfish, moody, standoffish, and I don’t like to sacrifice or give a lot myself.

See.. I told you I am just not very loveable.

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of friends, but even my friends will tell you that they sometimes would love to rip my head off. It is not my most endearing quality, but it is me nonetheless.

So imagine everyone’s surprise 13 years ago when I went an adopted a dog.

From the moment that Ellie and I locked eyes at the shelter our hearts were connected. Our first evening at home together we sat on the couch and just looked at each other… anticipating what the future would hold. I had never had a dog before, and Ellie had never had a human.

We would learn.


Over the past 13 and half years Ellie and I have shared many adventures together, and along the way she has taught me so much about love and life.

Together we enjoy the beauty we live in.  Taking time in the evenings to sit side by side and just watch the world. There is no need to speak with words. We say all we need with gentle sighs and nudges.

Ellie knows that there is nothing better then finding that last sunbeam of the day and finding a comfy spot to lay down and soak it in.  Before I never took the time to stop and notice how brilliant and comforting the warmth is.

Sometimes Ellie and I just get in the car and go.  We will roll down the windows letting the cool breeze blow through our hair.  We don’t always have a destination. And that’s ok. Being together, seeing the sights and hearing the sounds is what it is all about.

We may go the park for an early morning sunrise….

Or maybe we will hit up our favorite yogurt spot…

It really doesn’t matter as long as we are together.

Ellie is an old gal now, and I know our time together is limited. I never knew how easy it could be to love and to be loved.

There are no conditions for our love. Ellie simply loves me because I am me. She doesn’t care that I am sometimes hateful, or moody, or like to be alone. She’s fine with all that. She just nudges me and looks at me with that look that lets me know she is here…always.


Shared Journeys.



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