Life Is Just A Chair Of Bowlies

Some may say I overreact. Some may say I am dramatic. Some may say I am a Drama Queen.  And….they would be correct. I’m not sure where it stems from. Growing up, I was raised in a very un-dramatic household. My mother or grandmother never flew off the handle and were both cool, calm and collected under pressure, but me…..everything was, and still is, a Crisis .

A crisis is defined in Webster’s as a Difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention.

Pretty simple.

Here is a glimpse into the life of me. These are the most serious crisis that I have faced over the past few months.

The Great Cookie Butter Disaster:

I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Especially the crunchy variety. A few days ago after a particular hard day, all I wanted was to go home, sit on my couch, and eat my cookie butter straight out of the jar.

However, upon opening the jar I see this:

An empty jar.  WHAT??????  How can that be?

I had a melt down and went to bed without eating.

The Great Petro’s Crisis:

So apparently I get very intense when it comes to food, because the next crisis involves one of my favorite meals…. The Petro.

For those of you who do not know what Petro’s are…. it is a local East Tennessee eatery that involves layers of chili, corn chips, cheese, onions, sour cream, and variety of other goodies.

It is good eatin!

A few months ago, I was having one of those days at work, where I did not want to eat my boring lunch from home. I was needing to get out of the office for a few minutes, so I headed out to Petro’s where I had just eaten last a week prior. I was ready for the delight my tummy would experience, only to be faced with this:

They had closed!

Why is the world against me?!?!?!?!?  Now the nearest Petro’s is 45 minutes away….can’t make that in my 1 hour lunch break. This just sucks.

Again… I am too crushed to eat anything else…. I go back to my office…dejected and lunchless.

The Crawly Family Disappears:

I am not a big TV watcher, but I do love me some Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. Those British just know how to put on a good quality show.  So of course I was one of the millions that became attached to the Crawley family… You know… these people:

For six years I felt like I was apart of the Crawley’s. I was there when Lady Mary had that little scandal with the Turk, through each of Lady Edith’s failed loves, and supported each of the Bates as they were toted off to jail. I was there for them through it all…. then just like that…. they decide to quit.

How am I SUPPOSED to deal with this?  What happens to Carson and Ms. Hughes? Will Daisy ever be smart? Will Lady Mary and Edith ever get along? Will Thomas ever not be miserable? Who will the Dowager insult next?  I can’t believe after 6 short years they just leave me hanging?

So now you know… I am just a drama Queen living on the edge of the next crisis. But no matter the disaster, I know that life is just a Chair of Bowlies and I need to keep my chin up. I might as well laugh at myself…..



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