Eat Lightnin’

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

The above quote comes from one of my ALL time favorite movie characters, Rocky Balboa. For 30 something years I have watched and re-watched each movie in the series. I care absolutely nothing about boxing, however, it is the message that has made me an obsessed fan all these years:

BE Unstoppable

Rocky Balboa has been an underdog all this life. In the first movie he is living in the slums of Philadelphia and working for a loan shark.  He has absolutely nothing going for him…except his determination.  Over time it is that determination and drive that helps him fulfill his dreams.

With each obstacle, challenge, and problem that Rocky encountered, he NEVER gave up. He never sat down and quit….even though he wanted to many times. Every time he got knocked down, he pushed himself back up on his feet.

Rocky was unstoppable.

 I can’t always say the same for me. So many times I opt to take the easy way out. If life knocks me down, it is so much easier to lay down and play dead. It takes too much energy and effort to get back up.

So I just lay there.

And I start to grumble.


This is hard.
I don’t wanna do this anymore.
I can’t do this.
I quit.

Over the past few months I have accomplished things that, well if you had told me a year ago I would have done, I would have laughed at you.  I have struggled, cried, been in pain, puked, and been pushed to my limit. While, I am proud of all I have accomplished, it hasn’t been all fun and giggles…. In fact…… A lot of it has


Several people have sent messages or commented to me that I am being an inspiration to them and others. Wow…. thank you, but I am undeserving of such kind words.

SO undeserving.

If it were something I accomplished on my own, maybe, but everything I have done has been because someone believed in me or pushed me.

Throughout each and everyone of Rocky’s obstacles he never walked alone. Someone was always there…pushing him. Mickey, Adiran, Apollo, Paulie….he always had someone in his corner, shouting at him to push through the pain, to get up, to punch a little harder.

Just like Rocky, I have been amazingly blessed with a cheering section in my corner:

My mother, who stands behind every hair brained idea I have, is my constant. She is there, quietly cheering me on loving me even through the ugly.

My friends who I forced to start the journey with me because I was too scared to go alone. Starting anything alone is scary, but going with people you love, who are going because they love you back, well…that makes the journey a little less terrifying.

And then there are these people…. the folks who I have met along the way. These folks have seen me at my ugliest. They have seen me cry, struggle, puke, and sit down to quit. But never one did any of them say ok… Let’s go home. Each time I wanted to stop they have said… “Just  a little further.””You’ve got this.”  These are the people who were sent to me very specifically by God. He knows how weak I am, and that it would take a village to keep me from stopping.

God knew I could not accomplish anything with just me. I am not strong enough, and left to my own devices, I will quit.

Every time.

Friend, none of us can go alone. While our strength may get us so far, it is the strength and determination of those behind us that pulls us up when we fall short.

Rocky understood that. He surrounded himself with people who never allowed him to stop. Even when the odds were stacked against him. When the opponent was younger, faster, and stronger, he kept pushing through. Each time he got knocked down, he listened to those in his corner telling him to get up on his feet.

We must realize we can’t accomplish anything alone. God did not intend for life to be that way. We were created to be a support, cheering each other along as we face the opponents along the way.  It is important to surround yourself with those who won’t enable your quitter spirit, but spare you on…telling you that you are unstoppable.

Not only do we need to have those people around us, we need to be one of those people for someone else. We are all in this together. How much stronger and more accomplished would we be if we all pushed each other?

We should all have someone in our corner like Rocky’s beloved mentor Mickey. When Rocky was preparing for his first big fight with Apollo Creed, Mickey stood strong with his beloved fighter and told him…. “You’re gonna eat lightnin and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

You can do anything.

WE can do anything.


If we stand together. Supporting one another.

Now go eat you some lightnin.


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