Think Again

I like to think I am a pretty Open-Minded individual. However, there are times I fall into the trap of judgment. I don’t mean to… it just sorta happens. When I do, I am often left humbled and ashamed for my thoughts.  We are all different. That is what makes us wonderful. How utterly boring it would be if we were all just alike.

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Bad Girl

Don’t you just hate those people who act like they have everything together? Everything is perfect. They are always on time. Never look disheveled and swear they don’t have a   Vice of any kind.

I don’t trust these people.

I am a hot mess. There is never a time that I have it all together. EVER. There are so many issues that I would be foolish to even pretend to be normal. Continue reading

I Lived

“Girl, you really need to just stop. You are embarrassing us, and I really just want to go home and eat a box of Fudge Rounds.”

This is the actual conversation I had with myself about a mile into my hike on Saturday.

The day started out well enough. I met some fellow hiking enthusiast to tackle one of the toughest hikes in the park…. Rocky Top. Most of the people in the group I had never met until that morning… in fact, I only knew two of the ladies and had already hiked with them. But the rest were strangers and I didn’t really know what to expect. Continue reading

Can I Get A Witness?

Sometimes being an adult sucks. The constant hassle of having to wash and iron my own clothes, buy and fix my own food, pay for and pump my own gas, and being forced to work so I can pay my own bills…. I’m just over it. Anyone else feel that way?

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Let The Sunshine In!

I have been awarded with the Sunshine Blogger Award from Laurie at Let The Light In~Reflections . The Sunshine Award is given by fellow bloggers to other bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.  I am so blessed to have Laurie as loyal follower, but also a sweet, sweet, kindred spirit. Her writings are truthful, raw, humorous and real life. She doesn’t sugarcoat her life… she writes from the heart. If you are looking for some heartfelt honest writing… this is Blog for you… go check her out!

Sunshine Blogger Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate eleven blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

1. Name something that makes you happy?  Reaching the top of a peak that I didn’t think I could climb.

2. Would you rather live in the city or countryside?  The countryside for sure. I detest being in a cramped up city where I smell fumes, garbage, and hear people all day. I would rather be where I can smell the fresh air, dip my feet in the creek, and listen to the birds and other critters.

3. What’s your ultimate inspiration song?  I actually have 2. The first is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. I have been through a lot and not once have I not come out on top.  The second would be Through All Of It by Colton Dixon.  Everything I have been through, God has remained faithful through it ALL.

4. Name 1 item on your bucket list.  To hike the entire Appalachian Trail. 2,192 miles.. from Georgia to Maine. Crazy I know…but what can I say… I like pain.

5. Do you prefer to write or type?  Write…. I LOVE doing things without technology. To me there is something romantic about picking up paper and pen and penning my thoughts. I journal….ALOT.

6. Mountains or Sea?   While the sea is magnificent… the mountains have my heart and soul. I was born and raised in the mountains and there is NO where more close to heaven on earth then sitting on top of them realizing just how small I truly am.

7. What is something you do to relieve stress?  I write and I hike. And I do both VERY frequent.

8. What is your happy color?   Green…. reminds me of my mountains. 🙂

9. If you visit a new place or country what is the first thing you would do?   Look for something to eat!!!!  Priorities!!!! 

10.What is one thing you cannot live without? My water bottle.  I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me…ALWAYS. I panic if I leave one somewhere.  I collect Nalgene bottles and they are covered in bumper stickers from places I have hiked or visited. I am constantly drinking water. Sometimes my coworkers like to hide my water bottles to give me panic attacks.

11. Who do you look up to?  My mama. She raised two daughters on her own, while working her tail off, yet she never missed any recital, ballgame, parent teacher conference, or play. She has ALWAYS been there. She has taught my sister and I that you NEVER give up, and you ALWAYS get up when you fall.  She is my hero.

My Nominations:

  1. Suze at Obsolete Childhood This gal is my spirit animal! If you ever are having a bad day and need a pick me up… Suze is the Blogger for you. Oh my gosh… this woman is totally nutso, but you will absolutely fall in love with her. She makes all my days sunny!
  2.  Southern By Design this is a wonderful blog I have recently found, and every time I visit, I instantly drawn into her enchanting charm.
  3. Bee Organized With Pamela – another delightful Blog I have just discovered. Lots of fun and exciting ideas to de-clutter your life and trust me… this bring lots of sunshine my way!!!!

S0… as you can see… I cheated. I am only nominating three Bloggers. Each of these Blogs are gems in our Blogging community… so settle in, have a cup of coffee, and give them a read.

You three are under no obligation to accept this nomination but please know you have been an inspiration. If you accept, I ask you to answer any five questions from the list. You can answer all, but if not, please choose five. Also, please pass on the nomination to at least five other bloggers whom you admire.

Keep Spreading the Sunshine!!!!


I Don’t Get It

Thomas Edison once said,  “It is Obvious that we don’t know one millionth of one percent about anything.”  Ain’t that the truth?!  Sometimes I look at everything going on around me and I just have to say……  “I don’t get it.” So many times the path looks obvious to me, but then I notice others going the opposite direction and I am left to question myself….”Huh????” Continue reading

Ingredients Of A Ginger

So it is finally here… the VERY thing you have been waiting for.  Yes folks, it is Christmas in August. Today you will find out 25 things all about ME. Special shout out to Suze over at Suziland for the  inspiration. If you have not checked her out.. DO SO NOW… but go to the potty first because she will make you pee on yourself.  🙂 Continue reading

It’s For A Good Reason And Other Lies I Tell Myself

I can justify anything I do… in fact, I am the Queen of justification. Even if I know deep deep down it is a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY bad idea…. I can make a case for it. I blame the years of speech and debate I did in high school and college for my gift.

For example, just last evening on my way home from work I made a stop at the store. I was only going in to purchase a few items, but….right there… the front…. proudly on display so I could not miss it… was a buggy full of candy on sale.  And not just ANY candy, but those cute little Miniature chocolate bars…. Continue reading

Dancing In The Rain

Am I the only one who honestly thought all their Learning would be complete by the time they reached 25ish???


Looking back now, it is almost humorous that I honestly thought that at this point in my life, I would have already learned it all. Continue reading

Not Yet


I remember clearly the day my mother turned 30.  As a 6 year old, I thought she was the oldest person I knew, besides my grandparents.  What did it feel like to be THAT old?

Flash forward 24 years and I am now  just 8.5 years away from being Fifty.


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