Don’t Wait… Swim Out To It!

Have you ever gotten a Craving for something so bad that you found yourself going absolutely NUTS?  Nothing and I mean NOTHING satisfies you until you indulge yourself. You become irrational, cranky, moody, delusional, and downright hateful.

The emotions that pour from you as you finally relish in your craving, are usually anything but graceful. In fact… you may look a little like this….

Maybe that is just me.

Craving does not always have to be about food though. Sometimes we desire something more from life. The everyday ho hum no longer satisfies us and we crave something more. Something larger. Something more exciting.

But all too often we sit.

And we wait.

And we wait.

Surly something better will come along….if we are patient enough.

But sometimes these cravings become so intense that we can think of nothing else. It consumes us, and all too often, holds us down. Bound by our own fears, desires, and unsatisfied longings, we just sit, waiting for the opportunity to find us.

To change us….

To Satisfy us.

But what if we just stopped waiting? What if we were weren’t meant to just sit by and let life pass us by? What if…..were meant to swim instead of sitting on the dock waiting for our ship to come in?

I have mentioned her before, but for months I have been following the journey of  Stacey Kozel.

Stacey was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 19, two years ago, at the age of 39 the disease traveled into her nervous system and she was left with no mobility in her legs.  Most of us would have probably made peace with the fact that our lives would now involve a wheelchair. But not Stacey…. she craved something more.

Stacey had a dream to hike. Not just any trail, but the Appalachian Trail.  Instead of accepting her destiny, she chose to jump into the sea of the unknown and seek out the ship that contained her dream.  After months of rejection, heartache, and closed doors, she finally received the device needed to help her walk.

She didn’t stop. She didn’t give up. She didn’t sit and wait. She sought what she craved and went after it.

Stacey at the halfway point. She started March 24 and this was 3 months and 1200 miles later.


We don’t have to accept our ho hum life. We don’t have to sit in agony every day craving something more. All we need is our feet and our determination.  Sometimes we wait on the ship to come to us, when the ship is actually out there…waiting for us. We just have to take the plunge into the water and start swimming.

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