Wasting Time…Maybe

Don’t you hate when you are going through your day…feeling awesome and accomplished and then someone comes along and …..

They totally rain on your sunny day.

Well that happened to me this past weekend. I accomplished, what I thought was a pretty amazing feat- hiking 300 miles in 5.5 months, and I was beyond proud and amazed at myself.   See…. I look pretty happy.

It didn’t take long for someone to try to poo poo on my excitement once I shared my joy on social media.

“Why do you waste every Saturday hiking? Don’t you have any responsibilities? “ was a response I got from a “friend”. ” I mean what you do is great and all, but don’t you have REAL stuff to do? Seems like a lazy excuse to get out of doing work.”

I spent a great deal of time stewing on my friends question the past couple of days. Was I really wasting the Luxury  of the time I have been given on the weekend? How could I respond without getting arrested? When I saw what the writing prompt was this morning, I knew immediately how to respond…

I will Blog my response.

It is true, I spend my weekends neglecting things I probably should be taking care of… Laundry, grocery shopping, scrubbing my toilets, spending time with family, and a thousand other things.  Typically I am up by 3:45 am and out the door no later then 5am each Saturday morning. While the world is just waking up, I am stretching my calves, spraying on powerful bug repellant, and strapping on a heavy gear filled backpack to start a 10-17 mile journey.

The moon is still out and I should be home in bed resting, but I am fixing to hike 13 miles straight up a mountain. Poster child for irresponsible behavior.

By the time most people are drinking their first cup of coffee on Saturday morning, I have typically already hiked a couple of miles and climbed a couple thousand feet in elevation. I listen to the raging waters, the mouthy squirrels, the locusts, the rustling leaves, and other sounds and totally zone out. How incredibly irresponsible of me.

Wasting time sitting in a tree soaking in the beauty around me, when I should be grocery shopping.

As some folks are just stepping into the shower in the morning, I am already completely soaked in mounds of my own sweat, and burned close to 1600 calories. How could I do that to myself?

Sweaty and stinky all before  8am. Be glad you can’t smell me.


About the time that others are getting ready to begin their daily tasks, I have probably come to my first real break of the day. I will probably sit on an old log, once again zoning out to the sounds of nature all around me. I may even come across some other hikers and spend time chatting about really lame stuff… like how many miles we are covering, gear, the weather, and trail conditions. Or FOOD. The time I waste here is truly sad.

Wasting time chatting with other hikers when I should be home doing laundry.

Now it is generally 10:30ish. I decide to waste time covering a few more miles before I eat my lunch. More then likely my stomach is already growling and telling me it wants to be filled now, but I know some big climbs are coming and doing so on a full belly will make me sick. I know I should probably be home cleaning out the closet I have needed to clean for the past 7 years, but I decided to be wasteful and press on.

Pushing on when I should be organizing a sock drawer. PATHETIC.

Of course my whole day is not complete without some sort of obstacle. At some point I am probably going to have to work my way around some downed tree, large rock boulder, or overgrown, snake filled path. At this point my body is screaming that it hates me, and I am beginning to hate myself. Why didn’t I stay home and watch the latest episode of Big Brother?

Wasting time trying to get around a group of downed trees and limbs. I will probably pick up a couple of ticks, chiggers, and other creepy crawlies when I go through this. How dumb can I be?

Now I can eat my lunch.  I will try and find some spot where I can waste even more time listening to nature and smelling it’s intoxicating smells. Such a waste.

Wasting time sitting looking at this, stuffing my face with Little Debbie’s instead of at home cleaning out the fridge. Oh the horror.

Now it is time for me to push on to the final destination. It really is sad to think I have wasted so much time and effort to get there. There are so many things I could have already accomplished by now, but NO, I wanted to get here and waste even MORE time soaking in what it is I am looking at. Unbelievable.

There is probably some project I should be tackling instead of wasting time sitting on this rock looking at this view. What a pity.

I even waste time taking pictures of myself in this beauty.  It is true…. I am out of control.

Instead of cleaning myself up and trying to find a husband, I am outside taking selfies in trees of Mountain Laurel. Just sad.

So yes, I admit it. I waste time each and every Saturday. I waste time walking, climbing, and hobbling usually no less then 15 miles. I spend money on gear instead of groceries and new clothes. I spend time enjoying doing something I love. I have gotten way healthier and dropped 15lbs. I have matured and discovered what it is I love. I have learned I am strong, touch and fierce. I have made friends who are not just people I know, but REAL friends who support me even if they don’t understand me.  I have decided to live life instead of sitting at home  watching it pass me by.

If you are reading this dear friend, I know you did not mean to hurt my feelings, belittle, or upset me. You just don’t understand. I hope maybe this explains just a small bit of why I do what I do.  I would be so happy for you to come out and experience a little bit of my lazy Saturdays. For you to see what has made me want to live this life to the fullest.  What seems like wasted time to you, is what has saved me.

Another wasted trip up another mountain. Insanity. It looks like I am proud of it.

Maybe it is you who is wasting time instead of exploring what life has to offer….

Come join me… lets’ waste some time together… I promise you it will be the most rewarding time you ever waste.  We ALWAYS have a great time wasting our free time!

Me and some fellow friends who like to waste time up in the mountains. We should really be ashamed.


13 thoughts on “Wasting Time…Maybe

  1. Honey, you’re doing it right! They’re always the time to do your chores… But soaking up the wonderful beauty of this world on a Saturday is pure heaven. Yes, you sweat and ache, But the sense of accomplishment when you reach the top and see even more beauty, it’s well worth it! Love the outdoors just use you and totally understand… Your friend is missing out. Most of my friends don’t understand me either… LOL

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  2. At least, it takes your friend to rain on your parade. I have a hard time enjoying some things because I rain on my own parade. Instead enjoying the blessings of the present I often worry about things that “could happen” in the future.

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  3. I enjoy reading your adventures and seeing your pictures. Thank you for sharing your experiences with those of us who just get it. Hike your own hike. Breathe in all that our mountains have to offer. Enjoy each moment and create memories to last a lifetime!! You have been given an incredible gift of time, health and good fortune to do what you love to do!! Hike on!!

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  4. I really like this post and detect a little sarcasm for the response about your hiking from your “friend.” I understand the sarcasm, and I am ecstatic to see someone enjoying life. The beauty of God’s natural environment is here for our enjoyment. It gives a since of appreciation for the wonder of God. That said, “I wonder why ‘your friend’ is wasting time on social media criticizing someone who says thank God I’m alive and can appreciate the wonder you have provided.” So there.

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  5. What a wonderful attitude to life! The only boring stuff that really needs doing is making sure there’s something to eat and something to wear. After that, it’s all busywork. Take advantage of the time and energy you have while you’re young and fit enough to do it. You can spend your retirement dusting knick knacks and rearranging cupboards. Though it sound like you might have more interesting things then, too. I really loved this post!

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