I’m Going to Last

I know I have made the comment before, but sometimes my life seems like I am on a Blooper show.  Crazy, random things happen to me so often through the day, that often I am sitting here just waiting for some one to say… “Smile! Your on hidden camera! It’s all been a funny Joke!”

Let’s just use today as an example.

I wake up..cranky because I got very little sleep the night before. Those darn Olympics kept me up half the night. I swear they could have cow tipping as one of the events, and I would sit glued to my TV, eating my popcorn, cheering on Team USA.

I wake up my equally exhausted fur baby, she’s a huge USA fan like her mom, and I take her out to potty. It is just beginning to get light out and we are both just groggigly standing there in the yard. From somewhere in the distance I see something coming towards me. Thinking it is one of the neighborhood cats coming at me, I bend down to give it a few minutes of tender love. However to my horror I find it NOT  a sweet kitty, but a Skunk.

It did not take long for this chubby girl to sprint back inside. While I did not get fully sprayed. I swear I smell it on me….especially in my hair.


After that exciting start to the day, I proceed to go upstairs to iron my clothes. How could that possibly go wrong?

Dumb Question.

My iron decides to project sparks towards me and promptly dies….leaving a nice scorchy smell to go along with hint of skunk I now wear.

Perfect. Now not only do I  smell funky, I am wearing clothes that looks like I have slept in them for a couple nights.

Sighing to myself, I just decide to give up and head to work. Surely I would find some peace.

Getting into my car, my hands are pretty full, purse, work bag, coffee, ya know, work stuff. Being the strong gal I am, I carry everything in one hand.  However, I failed to realize the lid was not on my coffee mug, thus spilling all over me as I jostled my body trying to get into the car.

Delightful! Now I have added a new scent to my already fragrant, wrinkled self.

I have decided that the camera crew can make themselves known anytime now. I am not sure I will make it till lunch… which consequently I left in my fridge today.

Life can be a beast sometimes. During the day events occur that can make us want to tuck tail and run. Sometimes it seems that disaster and problems follow us wherever we go. “Why me?” may be a favorite catchphrase of yours.

But those disasters and problems don’t have to get the better of us. Sure my day got off to a rocky start. Sure, I have to go spend money on a new iron…ONCE again. Sure I went through most of the day smelling of skunk, smoke, and coffee all mixed together. But you know what?  It was a great story to share with my co workers this morning, and at the end of the day…. It made me laugh.

Don’t let the day to day struggles bring you down. They are bound to happen..no matter how prepared and put together you think you are. 9 times out of 10 there is nothing you can do…. but laugh.

E.E. Cummings once said,

“The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter.”

So what if you went all day with your fly open.

Maybe you have had cheese stuck in your teeth ALL day.

Or perhaps you smell slightly of dog poop.

Go ahead, throw your hands up in Why and then laugh it off…. because those of us who laugh…ALWAYS last!


6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Last

  1. Laughing at myself is definitely one of my strong points. Great message and use of the prompt. This definitely wasn’t a stretch for you and I can see you live life like this every day, not just when you’re asked to write about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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