Hanging Tough With The Right Stuff

Sometimes in my mind I like to retreat to a simpler time…. the 1990’s. The days where the only things I had to stress about were:

Would Dylan chose Brenda or Kelly?

Who had better hair… John Bon Jovi or Brett Michaels?

Should I do the Jennifer Aniston haircut or wear it like Julia Roberts?


And probably my most important decision…..Which member of New Kids On The Block would I want to date?

Time was so much simpler then. There was acid washed jeans, real music with real instruments… I mean seriously…. does no one play a rocking guitar solo anymore? Did it all end with Slash from Guns N Roses?

Maybe I am just Obsessed with the past, but the 90’s was just a better place to live. I wasn’t worried about ISIS, my family could afford health care, I didn’t have to take out a loan to fill my car with gas, and I wasn’t terrified of the candidates running for president.

I could sit and watch TV with my family at night and not be embarrassed. Reality TV was non existent. MTV actually showed music videos.  No one cared about keeping up the Khardashians, and people actually talked instead of text.

Where did we go wrong?  When did the peace and harmony end?

The guitar solo is no longer needed… it can be added digitally. Malls and Libraries are being obsolete because now you can read and do all your shopping online. Talent is no longer important…if you have enough money, and have a Twitter account…. you have your own reality show.  And Politicians are no longer the intellectual trusted officials they used to be…now they are more like clowns in a really bad circus.

No longer do I look at the world in wonder and seek to go out and travel, I worry about not if but when and where the next terrorist attack will be. No longer do neighbors sit out on the front porch and chat late into the evening, now they pretend to not even know each other. Our children are taught how to survive during an active shooting in school before they are taught to read or write.

So excuse me as I go back to big hair, acid washed jeans, carrying a pager, and rocking out to Bon Jovi. That decade just had the Right Stuff and I could Hang Tough!




7 thoughts on “Hanging Tough With The Right Stuff

  1. Funny I was going to do a “remember when” post too, only my post may have gone back a little further because I am a little older than you – to the times of “no cussing” on TV, when things where left for you to conclude not shown explicitly, when commercials were less pointed about bodily functions. Gone are the days. Yes, I agree with you Jess. Good post, but sad, huh?

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  2. I was thinking Big Valley, the monkees, and commercials for trojans that were just a lady riding a horse on the beach…no words, no icky stuff. Wearing 3 snap hip hugger bell bottoms, fringed suede halter tops and dr scholls sandals…………sigh

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