Just The Moon and Me

I had never really thought about it until today, but the Moon and I have a lot in common.

We are both full of imperfections.
Sometimes we both like to hide.
We both can shine brightly.
Sometimes our strengths are underestimated.

My life is full of imperfections….

Wasted time
Crappy attitude

Just like the moon, the appearance of my imperfections can be deceiving. There is so much more to me then laziness, selfishness, wasted time, and crappy attitude. You only see what is on the surface and NOT what lies beneath. Inside I am much, much more.

Tender hearted

There are times despite my strong extrovert personality that I want to stay in the shadows and not let anyone know I am there. Sometimes I need to be alone and take life in, reflecting on the life around me. At these times some may think I am moody, angry, or rude. Not at all. Just like the moon, there are times I need to hide from view to just be alone with myself.  These times are important for me, they help me reflect and prioritize, as well as restore my weary soul.

Have you ever been outside at night and had such perfect light from the moon? The night around you is laminated and the dark is not as scary. I like to think that sometimes I can be like that for mankind. When life gets dark, uncertain, and scary, I hope I bring light to others. Maybe it is a kind word, listening ear, or just a smile.

It amazes me how strong the moon really is. While much smaller then the sun, it is just as powerful. It controls the tides, light up our nights, and helps to make our days a little longer. Like the moon, sometimes my own strength is underestimated.  I tell myself I am weak, or incapable of doing something, only to realize that I CAN do it. I may be small, but I CAN do some incredible things! There is power inside this small body.

So when you look up at the moon this evening, REALLY look at it.  You may just see a little of yourself up there.

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