It’s For A Good Reason And Other Lies I Tell Myself

I can justify anything I do… in fact, I am the Queen of justification. Even if I know deep deep down it is a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY bad idea…. I can make a case for it. I blame the years of speech and debate I did in high school and college for my gift.

For example, just last evening on my way home from work I made a stop at the store. I was only going in to purchase a few items, but….right there… the front…. proudly on display so I could not miss it… was a buggy full of candy on sale.  And not just ANY candy, but those cute little Miniature chocolate bars….

My first justification came pretty quick…. IT’S ON SALE! These bags of chocolaty goodness are usually almost $5 a bag…. and today…. I could score one for $2. What the what!?!?!?!? I could totally get 2 bags for under the price of one!


So after the bags were placed safely in my shopping cart, I came up with lie #2…I will  store them away for hiking. They make great little pick me ups when you are trekking up a mountain.  These two bags should last me a good little while.  Going out and hiking each weekend, I totally need the calories right? Might as well be something tasty, and not come cardboard tasting protein bar.  As I walked through the store I could sense some folks staring at my two bags of bliss… judging me….  “Hey! I’ll only eat them when I hike ok!” I felt like shouting to the checkout girl as she was scanning the bags.  Her size 2 body almost chuckled as she placed my bags of excitement in a shopping bag.

As I entered my car to head home, I had a thought. “Wonder why the chocolate is on sale? Is there something wrong with it? Perhaps I should test it out.” So I immediately ripped open one of the bags and tore off a wrapper…. bar # one was just fine. But for the sack of just being sure I ate three more…. all good. Don’t judge me on lie # 3…. I had to make sure it was quality stuff.

Finally after a sensible dinner of steamed veggies, and grilled chicken I wanted something sweet. Hmmmm… looking through the cabinets and fridge I was unsatisfied with the contents. I didn’t need anything big.. just a small something something to knock out my craving.  You know where this heading right?

Instantly my mind went to the miniature bars of delight I had just bought a couple hours prior… Sure they were for hiking, but I had eaten sensible, I had worked hard, and they were minis, not even a full candy bar. I totally could eat a couple and it wouldn’t even count.


 Well, an hour later this was the scene….

 3/4 of one bag…..trashed… GONE.

Where did I go wrong? Everything had a purpose…a reason. How did this happen?

Well this morning I woke up a little hung over from my chocolate fest. Sure…. I had almost a whole bag of miniature chocolate bars the night before. Sure, I probably ate my sugar and fat content for the next 6 weeks in one sitting, but you know what…..

Because in the end… I know I kept someone else from making the same mistake. They went to the store and the two bags of candy they wanted were gone and they ate salad last night instead, and they feel amazing this morning. Your welcome fellow citizen. Anytime you need me… I’m here to save the day.

See… it all worked out in the end!


11 thoughts on “It’s For A Good Reason And Other Lies I Tell Myself

  1. I’m in suspense because your final picture isn’t loading. I love the way you justify things to yourself. I’m very similar in that. Richard Feynman once said that the easiest person to fool is yourself: “Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

    I want to lose 5 pounds, 10 at most. I’m within my healthy weight range, but in the upper half of that range. I keep justifying all of the poor eating choices I’ve been making with “I’m at a healthy BMI.” “My husband thinks I’m sexy.” “I’ve been walking more than ever.” etc. etc. etc… Next time, buy some of the Little Debby snacks for me… Specifically, Swiss Cake Rolls.

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  2. DAMMIT! Jess! I went to the store on the way home from work and there was NO BAGS LEFT! Not a single solitary one! The clerk said “oh that cute girly hiker got the last two”! I KNOW you think you are saving me from myself but seriously? I bet ya you have to go buy more before you even set foot on that mountain again! grrrrrrrrrr

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