Can I Get A Witness?

Sometimes being an adult sucks. The constant hassle of having to wash and iron my own clothes, buy and fix my own food, pay for and pump my own gas, and being forced to work so I can pay my own bills…. I’m just over it. Anyone else feel that way?

Can I get a Witness?

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Remember those glorious days when:

You had all your meals cooked for you.
You mom washed and ironed all your clothes.
You didn’t have mortgage or rent.
All your bills where paid for.
The only major decision you had to make was which cartoon to watch on Saturday morning.

Can we go back to those days?

It appalls me the time I wasted as a youngster…dreaming of when I was an adult. I would go out into my little playhouse and pretend I was a grown up. As a teenager I spent many a day sitting in my room making mental list of all things I would do as an adult that my mother would not let me do then.

Stay up late as I want.
Eat what I want.
Spend my money the way I want.
Sleep in as late as I want.
Watch as much TV as I want
Wear what I want.

Now I have come to realize:

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I don’t like it.

It’s hard.

It sucks.

Yesterday morning I stood in front of my closet for 35 minutes trying to decide what I would wear to work. There are too many choices. I am not ready for that kind of decision making right now at the age of 41. So I called my mother.

“Remember the good ole days when you used to pick out what I was wearing each day?”


“Wanna re-live them and come over and pick me something out to wear to work?”

I won’t share how my mother responded.. this is a family Blog and I would like to keep it that way.  But basically the answer was NO.

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So the best I can do is offer this advice to you young readers:

Relish in the fact that these are the best days of your freaking life. Right now, you are living sweet. You don’t have to worry about the fact your toilet is overflowing and running down into your kitchen, or that your fridge is starting to cough like a chain smoker each time you open it up. You are probably eating a super sized value meal from McDonalds paid for with the $20 your parents gave you for the weekend…. I am eating saltines that have been in my cabinet for the past two years and some questionable cheese.  Your bills are paid for and any money you have is all yours to waste the way you want. I just paid my electric bill and I have $2.36 to get to payday next week.

Adulting is NOT what you think it is.  This is what it really is:

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So enjoy your $75 pair of jeans and your $150 tennis shoes. Soon you will be on your own with a mortgage, car payment, and utilities to pay, and you will be paying for gas with the spare change you find in your car, coupon swapping with your co-workers, and doing some really creative things with macaroni noodles.

Right now you stay up all night and go all day…. in a few years you’ll be on your couch drooling at 8pm.

Right now you spend your money on things like clothes, food, the newest and latest smart phone, but soon you will have to make a decision…..Do you pay the electric bill, or fill your car up with a full tank of gas.

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Being adult is so glamorous.

Can I get a witness?


8 thoughts on “Can I Get A Witness?

  1. First off I read so SO many WP posts, :/ less stressful than living in the real world, but I don’t watch TV therefore broadening one’s mind ain’t such a sin, I’m not wasting time (I think lol) 🙂 anyways can I just say I absolutely loved this post, ‘youth is wasted on the young’, I look at my two nephews obsessed with video games and think ‘go enjoy life!’ luckily my sister-in-law’s the same opinion. The damn awful things have a time limit.

    As I said I loved your post. Lol @ ‘mum come round and choose my clothes………unprintable answer’.

    Liked by 1 person

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