Time’s Up!!!

Tuesday????? Already???   Was it just not Friday with a three day weekend ahead of me 5 minutes ago??????  What happened? How did I miss it????? Where did it go????

This was the conversation I had with myself this morning as I got up to get ready for work. It is Tuesday… the day after Labor Day, and I find myself sitting here wondering…Where did my 3 day weekend go???

When I left the office on Friday afternoon I had big plans for the weekend ahead.  There was dinner with girlfriends to kick off the glorious 3 day weekend, and then I had plans to get my house organized and maybe see a movie. All my loved ones were out of town or busy, and I can’t hike right now, so it was time to get caught up.

Well, the dinner with girlfriends happened followed by a special frozen treat at the Dairy Queen…where I am pretty sure I cannot show my face again for a while once I caused a scene for having to wait 30 minutes on my Blizzard….. however that is a totally unrelated story. Saturday morning dawned with fresh crisp air, and plans for a busy day.  I went to the grocery store, the farmers market, and ran a couple other errands all before lunch.

Once back home I began the process of cleaning out my laundry room…..a very unpleasant task. Everything was dragged out and placed back in a fairly good time. With that done, I decided to Plop on the sofa and rest before the next task…

Here is where everything changed…….

I made the mistake of turning on the TV  for a few moments. As I flipped through the channels I could not help but take pause when I came to some familiar friendly faces…..

Image result for downton abbey season 2

It was the Crawley family, and I had found myself right smack dap in the middle of a Downton Abbey Marathon! That’s right, PBS was showing all 6 seasons…ALL 52 episodes over the Labor Day weekend.  I joined right in the middle of Season 2. World War 1 was happening, Downton was a hospital, Matthew couldn’t walk,  Daisy married William, Sybil married the Chauffer and Mary was engaged to a cranky old man.

I will only watch for 30 minutes I told myself……… This is 28 hours and 2 seasons later.

I could not stop watching. Yes, I have seen each and every episode before, but I felt like I was having a visit from old friends. I’ll just wait till Matthew walks again….then I will get busy. Once Sybil and Branson kiss I’ll turn it off. FINE….When Lavenia dies and Matthew is free to marry Mary, I will be done.  No excuses….once Lady Edith is jilted at the alter, it is time to get with it.

So here it is…3 days later and absolutely NOTHING got done this weekend. I literally sat on my sofa….for 3 straight days and immersed myself in the drama that is Downton Abbey. Once again, I sobbed when Matthew dies. I became infuriated when Bates is thrown in prison, and cheered when he was released. I wanted to slap Thomas each time he tired to play dirty, and then I wanted to hug his neck each time he got caught.  I beamed with pride as Branson became a cherished member of the family, and I cringed each time Miss Bunting came to dinner (Thank You God nothing came of that!) And I squealed like a school girl when Carson FINALLY proposed to Mrs. Hughes.

To some it may seem that I wasted a perfectly good 3 day weekend.  All I did was sit on my couch, eat snacks, and become engrossed in a fake TV family’s daily life. But for me it was so much more……

See I have been pretty busy lately. Work each and every day and then hiking 10-18 miles each and every weekend, doesn’t leave much time to do much else. I am planner and LOVE to know what each and every minute of my day will hold.  I guess I am  a lot like Mr. Carson in that respect. Sitting down and watching the TV makes me feel lazy and wasteful. There is always a 100 things to do, and never enough time to do them.

But this weekend, I did the unthinkable….I sat on my rump for 3 solid days. I let life go on without me, and I didn’t worry about miles, deadlines, laundry, shopping, organizing, planning for the week ahead, or even brushing my hair….I just simply…..was.

So thank you Crawly family for having such interesting and drama filled lives. Thank you for hooking me in with that snazzy into that begins each and every episode. Thank you for the Dowager’s one liners, and Daisy’s meltdowns. Thank you for Edith’s torment, and Mary’s snobbery. Thank you for Mosley’s dorkish charm, and for Sprat and Danke’s mutual hatred.   Because of each of you, I had the most relaxing and restful weekend.

Sure…my laundry is piled up, my guest room is still cluttered, and I have lived off popcorn and trail mix the past 3 days……but it was not wasted.  I feel refreshed, and ready to tackle this week ahead.  Just remember, that sometimes…….

Image result for mary engelbreit wasting time

So here is to 3 day weekends, 72 hours of Edwardian drama, lots of popcorn, and time to step away from the craziness that is my life for just a little while. Hate saying it… but 62bf643385b3c3c084469a9bc2dd3683Now back to reality.

5 thoughts on “Time’s Up!!!

  1. I wouldn’t worry yourself, we live life at such hectic pace, work commuting shopping hobbies DIY housework……………crashing out isn’t so bad.


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