Light Up The Night

Marilyn Monroe once said…. “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to TwinkleHave you ever stood outside at night…far from the lights of the city….and just looked up at the sky?

View of night sky from Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park


It is just the most beautiful and luminous sight imaginable. Even the dark doesn’t seem so dark or scary when all those stars are working together to shine and twinkle.

We are no different then the stars in the sky. Each of us has a bright light shining deep with in us.  Sometimes though…we allow the toughness of life and daily distractions keep us from twinkling as brightly as we should. But sometimes we meet people along our journey who twinkle so bright, their reflection is just enough to get us through the darkest of nights.

This is my friend Teri, and she probably has the brightest twinkle of anyone I know. (I am not just talking about her gorgeous smile!)  Everyone needs a Teri in their life. You can’t be in her presence for 5 minutes without laughing, snorting, shaking your head in wonder, and smiling.  She is just a constant twinkle.

I met Teri in the woods… go ahead…..laugh….it’s true though. We were both out hiking with other friends when our paths just happened to cross on day this past winter. I told her about a hidden landmark, she thanked me, and we went our separate ways. I honestly did not give her a second thought until two weeks later when we both commented on a post in a hiking club sight we are both members of. As we began to chat, a friendship was formed.

Teri is one of those people who has never met a stranger…. I mean NEVER. If you meet her once I promise you will be Facebook friends with her by the end of the day. She GENUIENLY likes people. There is no fakeness, no schemes….she just loves talking to people and making them smile.  Now… I am a talker, and an extrovert, but Teri makes me look a inverted recluse.

Heading off on one of our adventures.


There are times when we are hiking together that I’ll have to stop and wait on her to finish making friends with folks. I’ll be chomping at the bit, to get going, and she is encouraging someone, sharing snacks, giving advice, getting advice, or just learning their story.  She totally thrives on the interaction.

Someone can be having a horribly bad day on the trail and along comes Teri…usually in some BRIGHT and BOLD colors, and flashing that gorgeous smile. She is the exact type of person you want with you, when your having a bad day.  This summer on a night hike, I got very ill, but refused to quit, so while the others in our group went on into the night, Teri hung back and hiked up with me so I would not have to be alone.  Never once did she complain, or make it seem like a chore. She just hiked on behind me…cheering me on.

At the top of Mt LeConte out on Myrtle Point for sunrise after I had puked my way 6 miles up the mountain through the night.


While her body is little, her heart is gigantic. She gives and gives to everyone she sees whether she has known your for 5 years or 5 minutes.

A few weeks ago we started off on a routine hike with another hiking friend and a coworker of Teri’s who wanted to get into hiking.  A couple miles into the hike it was clear her friend was not going to be able to finish. Immediately Teri jumped into action and organized a plan, which involved her sacrificing her hike to help her friend.

Some people are there for the good and are hard to find when the night is dark, and you need a light to guide you through.  And then there are those rare creatures like Teri, who never loses her smile or her enthusiasm. She makes you believe you can even if you and the rest of the crowd tells you that you can’t. When you fall down, she will pick you up, and carry you if she needs to. She NEVER asks for anything, but gives freely.

God knew I needed a little Twinkle in my life that day last winter. He knew I needed someone loud, crazy, full of energy, and fun all wrapped in one. Someone to cheer me on when I achieved success, and push me when I am ready to quit. We are totally different in every way. She’s loud, I’m more quiet. She’s small and spunky, and I am chubby and awkward. She’s gorgeous and I am just adorable. She’s the ebony to my ivory.

If you find such a treasure….you are blessed indeed.

6 thoughts on “Light Up The Night

  1. I have a Teri, or an Angela, she goes by Carol. This poem by Merrit Malloy fits her perfectly…sorry it’s long, but i think you’ll get it.

    Once…in a rush
    She wore two different color shoes
    They matched perfectly…it was her style

    She had a car…or so it seemed
    It had no birth certificate, or insurance
    We only drove at night

    She saved me more than once from permanent destruction
    Mad me study all one night. Just to get an A
    That only changed my life

    She was the only person I ever knew
    Who could dance to the news
    And remember every word

    So it didn’t surprise me at all
    To read that her house burned down
    The day she had her baby

    After all…
    She always could do two things at once
    …and always
    do them well.

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