Loveable Mess

If you were to look up the word Elegant in the dictionary, I am pretty sure this is NOT what you would see.

I admit this was not one of my finer moments. Having the uncanny ability to get myself into some interesting and questionable situations seems to be my forte. I am clumsy, awkward, sloppy, and well……simple.

Elegance is often seen as the well put together lady. You know the one I am talking about….the lady with perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect clothes, perfect smell, perfect make-up….

Just perfect…..

I am lucky to get out my door each morning with matching shoes, my hair combed and wearing clean pants. If I can get to work having all of that AND my teeth brushed… I feel like I am the prettiest girl in the world!

Image result for elegant memeSo last night I made plans to spend some extra time and fix my hair all nice and darling like. I am up by 5 am every morning anyway, so why not make a little use of it. Well, long story short… I ended up running behind all morning and this is how I showed up to work this am…

Yep….that hairdo right there is the exact one I wear when I am at home, in the mountains, washing my face, and when I sleep.

TOTALLY classy.

Football season has now officially began and that means it is time to start supporting my favorite team.  I love it when I go to a football game and I see the elegant ladies in their cute scarves, mini skirts, and matching jewelry sets.  I however, like to wear shirts that talk smack and are probably not considered lady like.

There was that one moment last winter when I was anxiously awaiting the Fed Ex pick up for the day at work. See our pick up guy is absolutely ADORABLE and I love getting to chat with him. I was having a good hair and makeup day, so I was totally ready for him. The only problem….eating the green jaw breaker 10 minutes before he came. Once he had picked up and left, my coworker informed me I had a bright green tongue.  Elegant indeed.

It is pretty obvious that I am not going to win any awards on my class and elegance. I used to envy those who looked like they had it all together. But you know what I have come to realize?


At some point you are going to leave the house wearing yesterday’s pants and the white shirt with the gigantic coffee stain.

Maybe you will trip and fall as you walk up to the front of the church to say a prayer.

Or perhaps you will go to work with tail of your skirt tucked into your granny panties.

IT IS OK…….so you may not be the picture of Elegance….You are something much MUCH better……



…….and that my friends is WAY more fun!


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