Don’t Miss It!

Have you ever just gotten so bored with day to day life?

Get up.

Sit in traffic.

Go to work.

Do 500 errands.

Go to bed.


Perhaps you feel like you are sitting in the classroom of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…..

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Where is the Zing!? That little spark of excitement that makes you want to jump out of bed each and every morning and go tackle life?

I think most of us think that excitement should find us. You are sitting on your couch one day and

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There it is!

But life really doesn’t work that way. If we spend all our time sitting and waiting for it to happen….we may actually let it totally pass us by.

Over the course of my 41 years on this earth I have learned three valuable things about life:

If You Don’t Go After What You Want…..You Will Never Have It

I am list maker.  No day ever starts without a list. Utter joy is the only way I can describe what it feels like ending a day with everything on my list checked off. I’m a nerd I know… but there are some of you out there who get that same giddy feeling each and every time you mark something off of your list.

Besides a daily list, I also have a list of things I want to accomplish over time… A bucket list if you will. Some are easily obtainable, and others are a little more tricky, but they all require EFFORT. If I want to check anything off my list I have to physically be active to ensure that it happens.  If I say I want to climb to the top of the highest mountain in my state….I actually have to get up off my couch to make it happen…..I am pretty sure the mountain won’t come to me.

Be active. Don’t have dreams juts to have them….Go out and work to make them happen.

If You Do Not Ask….The Answer Will ALWAYS Be No

As a child we are full of questions. We continually wanted to know how something worked, What would happen if we did this, or What if we could ACTUALLY do that????  Somewhere right before we get to adulthood though…we quit asking questions.

Why????  Is there nothing else to learn? Are we scared of what the answer may be or what we might find out? Or what if we are told NO??????

Years ago I wanted desperately to go on a trip with our church youth group. However, my mother was strict and I was just sure that she would tell me No, so I never asked. It wasn’t until later on that evening my mother asked why I didn’t want to participate. She had been totally prepared to let me go…. I had missed out because I thought I was sure of the answer and I was too afraid to ask.

If You Do Not Step Forward, You Will Always Be In The Same Place

A co-worker recently decided she wanted a change. The direction her life was heading was totally unappealing and she had no satisfaction from it. She made a huge declaration in the office that things were not going to be the same…she was turning over a new leaf.

6 months later, very little has changed. She still pines over the man she cannot have. Her time is spent grumbling and complaining about how life is passing her by and it just isn’t fair.  She just can’t figure out what went wrong with her plans to change.

The problem is clear….In order to get anywhere, we must put one foot in front of the other and make a move. If just stand with our feet planted right where they are….the scenery is never going to change.  If we want to see change and results in our daily lives that means we have to actually put forth the effort. Change will not come over night, we have to consciously make the decision to walk away from the old path and on to the new.

One of my favorite movies happens to be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ferris decides to take a day off from the mundane and boring  routine of everyday life and go out and live a little. He has a day jam packed with adventure and fun. Of course it is a silly teenage movie that promotes deviant behavior from teenagers…..but at the very end…..Ferris makes a statement that gives the movie a very profound meaning…..

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

So much time is wasted, sitting and wondering “When is life going to happen?” that what we fail to realize is that it IS happening all around us, and if we don’t look up from the day to day from time to time…it is going to pass us up.

Don’t be stuck. Check stuff off your list. Be Bold. Be Zingy!  Don’t miss out!



8 thoughts on “Don’t Miss It!

  1. ‘If you do not ask……..’ is a very good point, I’ve been out with my brother and his two young sons (8 and 10) and the two lovely lads never stop asking questions, all day they’ll ask about things that confuse or they don’t understand, yet at some point in my adult life I stopped!

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