Never Fully Dressed…..

This is me….

But so is this….

If you were to try and describe my look, Stylish would not be the word that you would use. And you know what? I am TOTALLY ok with that.

I don’t concern myself with keeping up with the Khardasians, or worry about the name of the label of the clothes I wear. If I leave the house each morning with my teeth brushed and a clean shirt…. the day is a victory.

Society tries to tell me that in order to be beautiful and feel beautiful, I need to wear beautiful clothes, have my face all dolled up, and have perfect hair…and as an added bonus….it helps if I smell like a bouquet of flowers.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Sure I can dress up nice, fix my face and hair up all nice, and even smell good. But if I am not happy on the inside… I end up feeling like this….

You know what makes me feel beautiful? What makes me all Queen of Sheba feeling?

Doing what I love.

You see when I do what I love, and am in my element…. I smile. And when I smile…my inside is reflected on my outside and what comes out is pure, unfiltered, natural beauty.

We spend so much time working at being what we are not, that sometimes we forget who we really are. Most of us can’t even post a picture on Social Media without going through some sort of edit or filter process. Letting others see who we truly are scares us, so we allow them to see the fake us.

I chose to live by philosophy from the Musical Annie….You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile. 

Hey, hobo man,
Hey, dapper dan,
You’ve both got your style,
But, brother, you’re never fully dressed
Without a smile!

Your clothes may be beau brummelly
They stand out a mile,
But, brother, you’re never fully dressed
Without a smile!

Who cares what they’re wearing
On main street or saville row?
It’s what you wear from ear to ear,
And not from head to toe,
That matters.

So, senator,
So, janitor,
So long for a while.
Remember you’re
Never fully dressed,
Though you may wear your best.
You’re never fully dressed
Without a smile

A smile is the perfect accessory to any ensemble. You don’t have to have the bank account of a Khardasian, or Taylor Swift, and it never goes out of style, becomes outdated, or out of season. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing Ralph Lauren or Faded Glory. Your smile doesn’ t care if your lipstick is Este Lauder or Cover Girl. And that smile goes with EVERYTHING!

What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you grin from ear to ear?

I feel most beautiful when I am out in nature and I am pouring the sweat.

I feel like I am literally ready to explode with giddiness.

Don’t become consumed with striving to be something you aren’t. Don’t worry about if your smile is perfectly white, or your belly is a little poochy, or your if your clothes aren’t in style. Live your life with laughter, reckless abandon, and lots and lots of smiles!!!!!

You are never fully dressed with out it!


16 thoughts on “Never Fully Dressed…..

  1. I have found a kindred spirit in these words: I feel like I am literally ready to explode with giddiness. I’m totally stealing that, and thank you 😀 Thing is, my site doesn’t explode with giddiness. I’m so deeply content to be writing at last – feel like this part of me has been on hold a very long time – that I seem to probe all sorts of issues. You are a delight and stylish in the very best sense of the word!

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  2. I was always told that it takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile, so I elected to smile more, frown less. It does give you a lift, and I wouldn’t leave home without my smile [and lipstick], because I couldn’t see myself frowning around town, making my trips that much less fun then they usually are when I’m smiling. Life is simply too short. Oh! Having something to smile about is always the way forward.


  3. Just like I commented on your award blog post, you made me laugh out loud with your This is me and This is me. I love your genuineness. I guess I am still not as comfortable in my skin because I am one who will check before posting pics. I just love your freeness.

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