Be Amazing…..Not Normal

I have a Dilemma.

Image result for i want to work out, but I also want to eat tacos

There… I have said it.  It is out in the open.  I have absolutely no shame in making the above statement. My body screams, “Girl…Get fit!” But my stomach responds… “Need Tacos…STAT!” It is a constant struggle, and let me be honest…The tacos usually win. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I fell into that trap most women fall into…. If you aren’t thin, a size 2, and have rocking abs… are doomed to a life of sitting home with your mom each weekend playing and living out the title of OLD MAID.  My perceptions of the way others thought of me was based solely on how I thought I looked to others. I thought myself abnormal because I was short, chubby, and just a wee bit bulky.

I didn’t like leaving the house without my hair fixed, or my face done. I would spend countless hours working to get the right picture for my Facebook profile. No matter what I did, I just could not get myself to where I felt others would look at me and say….. “Wow! What  a gal!”

But something happened when I started hiking 6 months ago.  I realized that my true beauty comes to the surface when I let go of my preconceived idea of what others think and I live my life fully doing what I love.

When I hike it is just me, the tall trees, the wind, the birds, the snakes, and the bears. I promise you the bears don’t care if I am wearing the latest fashion, if I weigh 125 lbs., and if my makeup is perfect. Out there I am free to be me and when that happens…. I feel absolutely beautiful!

The world and society tells me I need to be a certain way. In order to fit in, I need to weigh 125 lbs., constantly look good, eat like a bird, and check my face and hair every hour. Be normal. Don’t stand out. Don’t be extreme.

Do you know how utterly exhausting that is??????  The constant trying to keep up with others, the feeling out of place when I what I am doing should make me feel like part of the crowd. Faking smiles and laughs when you would rather be crying. Eating tofu when you would rather have a big ole steak.

It sucks.

Maya Angelo once said,

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” 

If I am striving to fit in, how am I going to know who I am? How will I know what I love and what drives me if I am always trying to be a part of the crowd?

Friend, normal is not how we are intended to live our lives. If God had intended for us all to be the same we would all be one color, one mindset, one race, one gender, one way of thinking. But He didn’t He made us all unique and vastly different.

Being who you are is not always easy. Even out in the woods, I am faced with people who hike faster then me. There are some who do it with no sweat or huffing and puffing. They glide up the mountain like a gazelle and leave me behind, drenched in my sweat and gasping for oxygen.

But you know what???? I am absolutely amazing. I am out doing what I love and totally kicking tail. Doing what you love reflects on the outside and let me just say… the glow you have is amazingly gorgeous.


So don’t worry about fitting in, being normal, and how others will perceive you. Do what you love, because when you do everything about you is going to shine through and those around you are going to be stunned by your beauty. You were not made to be normal, you were made to be AMAZING.

So I am off… go eat me some tacos!

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9 thoughts on “Be Amazing…..Not Normal

  1. Great post! This reminds me of a very hot summer afternoon at the laundromat. I was sitting next to an older woman dressed in black from top to bottom, long sleeves and slacks. Full make up (dripping). I was saying how hot it was and she said yes it is “but I could never leave the house like that” – lol looking at me in a sundress, flip flops, ponytail – no makeup. Really? I smiled and said “It’s not like I am looking for Prince Charming at the laundromat”. heh heh – Prince Charming? Will love us for us (or he can keep on riding that white… uhhh dusty pony of his 😉 ).

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