Shine Brighter

It is that time of year when I hate being on social media, turning on my TV, and avoid any kind of news…….

Election Time.

As a youngster I could hardly wait until I was 18 and old enough to vote. I love that I live in a country where my opinion matters, and I get a say in who runs my government. I love talking policy, track records, and party agendas.

Go ahead you can say it…. I am a nerd.

But over the years I have become very disenchanted with our world and especially our politicians.  No longer are the parties standing up for what they believe, but now they are more interested in telling me all that is wrong with the “OTHER” guy.

This country was created on the foundation that all men were created equal and could express their thought and beliefs in a way that they would not be persecuted, suffer for, or judged on.  However, over time we have seemed to have forgotten that, and are now in constant battle with ourselves.

It used to be that I could have my opinion, you could have yours and we could Disagree and still live in harmony. But times have changed and if you don’t think like the majority or your way of thinking is not quiet like everyone else’s…’re just wrong.

I love to debate. There is something about pleading my case in front of someone that just makes me giddy with excitement.  Again…..I am a nerd.  Having two opposing arguments with both sides fervently working to sway the decision their way…..ahhhh… that is good times.

But you know what else I like about a good debate? The mutual respect my opponent and I have for one another. Knowing that each of us feel we are right and are passionate about our agendas. That is good feeling.

In today’s society however, mutual respect is a thing of the past. Now we spend more time trying to bully people into our way of thinking instead of understanding or believing they might be just as passionate about what they believe as I am.

Over the past few weeks I have seen grown adults call each other horrible, vile, hateful names because of who they support in our upcoming Presidential election. I have seen statements like

“What kind of idiot would vote for him?”
“I can’ t believe you are voting for her….I thought you had a brain.”


I am all for passion in what you believe, but when you resort to personal insults, name calling and bullying… you are not helping your cause…you are becoming part of the problem.

Why is it that we can’t let it go if someone believes differently then us? Why do we look as their beliefs as an attack on us personally? I am a firm believer for standing up for what you feel is right, but sometimes we the way we go about making our case… just makes us look childish and idiotic.

Over the past few months Americans have called each other some pretty sad things…. Stupid, Bigots, Cheaters, Liars, Deplorable, Racist, and several other terms that I refuse to even mention.

Sadly we are left with two choices for President. Both EQUALLY dangerous and EQUALLY  to blame for much of our discontent. It starts with one.

One person standing up, being the voice of reason. One person who decides to not fall into the trap of name calling, profiling, and erratic behavior. One person that when they are put to the fire and to the test, rises above being called names, finger pointing, and childish antics.

We have none of that from our leaders and it has spilled out into our citizens. Spend anytime on social media and you are going to see memes, gifs, and tweets that are reflections of just how sad we have become. No longer can we let something go. No longer can we let someone have an opinion that is different then ours.

Our country is desperate for change. So desperate that we have left ourselves with two choices that seem to be more concerned with tearing each other apart then building us up.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once made a wise statement……

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming I am persecuted when I am contradicted.”

It is ok that we don’t think alike. That is what this country was founded on. Do I believe passionately about my beliefs? Absolutely. But I also think the person who believes differently then me feels just as passionate.

Do you want to change my way of thinking? Do you want to make me see why you believe the way you do? Then do so in a way that inspires me.. not tears me down.

Calling me stupid, naïve, ignorant, bigoted, or deplorable is NOT the way to change my mind. That is bullying and childish. Show me through your actions, through your character, and through your meekness.

Be a lamp for your cause. Not a dark cloud.

Be a life boat. Not the weight that sinks it.

Be a ladder. Not the flaming rope.

I would like to say at this time I have ZERO intentions of voting for either candidate. I WILL vote, because that is my right as an American Citizen. The person I vote for just may not be on the ballot.

Think before you rant…. Be Bigger. Shine Brighter.

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