What Ya See Is What Ya Get

I hate false advertising.

Something is branded as being the best. When you view the advertisement you just can’t believe it looks that good. You simply must have it. Whatever it is. You go to make your big purchase…giddy with excitement….only to have your dreams dashed as you glance at what you just wasted good money on.

Image result for false advertising memeWe think we are getting what we see on the outside of the box…but alas…..we are grossly underwhelmed.

Image result for advertising vs realityBut do we actually realize how much we false advertise ourselves? Each and every day we are putting up some kind of Façade that makes us look better then we actually are.

We paint our faces, shape our hair to look like we have more then we do, wear Spanx to hold stuff in, or for some…. stuff ourselves to make stuff bulge. We bleach our teeth, our hair, and our skin… And who hasn’t fluffed up their resume to make themselves appear more accomplished then they truly are?

Why? Why do we do that? Are we go vastly gross and unintelligent that the real us would be dull and boring?  Are we so afraid that letting the real us shine through would make the world gasp in fear?

Image result for scared women and children gif

A few years ago, not long after my 30th birthday I decided that false advertising took too much work. I might as well let the world see what they were getting from the get go.

Sometimes I like to wear my hair like Princess Leia for absolutely no reason other then I totally dig it.

Sometimes I randomly wear my headlamp around the neighborhood…even in daylight. Hey…you never know when you may need it!

Some days I like to play in the mud and be stinky and dirty all day. If you don’t like the way I smell….well you don’t have to stick around.

Sure, I sometimes walk my dog around the neighborhood with a 27lb pack on my back just for kicks. Is there something wrong with that?

And sometimes I get tired of eating like a freaking rabbit so I will eat donuts that are as big as my face. I don’t concern myself with being a size 2. I prefer size me. 🙂

Friend, it is so much more relaxing and fun being yourself. When you don’t have to pretend being something you are not… the possibilities of life are just endless. Sure people may stare. People may judge. And they will definitely shake their heads. But ya know what? They will know the REAL me. The me that never takes things seriously. The me that can laugh at herself. The me that embraces her flaws and makes them her greatest asset.

There is no false advertisement here. What ya see it what ya get.

5 thoughts on “What Ya See Is What Ya Get

  1. I am so thrilled that what I see written here by you is what I hope I’m going to get. You are hilarious, and make the best points, tied in with the best points. I chuckle, or rather show teeth; which by the way aren’t whitened. I’m too dark-skinned to have WHITE teeth. By the way, my dentist [who I call “DB”] doesn’t get it.


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