Made To Fly

Through the years there are many things I have longed to be.

An Astronaut
A Ballerina
A Famous Broadway Director
A Brunette

I could go on and on with the list.¬†However, I’ll just leave you with the highlights. ūüôā Continue reading

Taking Back My Consent

Words are powerful things. They can be used to inspire, bless, and encourage, but they can also tear down, destroy, and kill. Even a¬†word as Tiny as the words “NO”¬†can have a significant¬†effect on how we view ourselves. ¬† We can let them take us to the highest of highs or to the lowest of lows. We can embrace them, or dwell on them.

The power all belongs to us. Continue reading


I am going to make a¬†pretty bold statement and I know that several of you are going to disagree with me…

I live in the most BEAUTIFUL place on earth.

Seriously… I do. Continue reading

Beauty Still Remains

Watching the news now days makes me want to grab my books, my dog, my 90210 DVD’s and find me a safe retreat Underground. So much drama.

Humans calling other humans vile and ugly names.
Humans hurting and killing other humans.
Violence erupting in serene places.
Friends turning on each other because of politics.

All this is almost too much to handle. Continue reading

Dancing In The Rain

It happened again this weekend.¬† While pushing my cart around the grocery store I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years.¬†¬† Of course we exchanged pleasantries and then…. it happened…… THE question everyone likes to ask….

“So, are you married?”

When I reply with a¬†simple “No” the look¬†I get is always the same. Continue reading

It’s Good To Be Queen

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe me.


All would be correct.

But there is one title I have held on to my whole life….

Drama Queen Continue reading

Throw Beams….Not Daggers

I’m a scrapper.

While I am totally sweet and adorable, I can also get a little redneck when I need to and¬†can hold my own¬†with the best of them.¬† Getting myself into a good little scrap every now and then is…well fun to me. I pride myself on being quick witted and pretty good at bringing people down.

That is pretty sad that I just admitted to being good at that.

Pathetic actually. Continue reading

My Specialty

We all have something we are incredibly good a; some skill that we totally excel in…leaving others in a cloud of dust as we rocket on by.

Some of you can crunch some serious numbers in your head.
Some of you can give Julia Child a run for her money in the kitchen.
Some of you can sing beautiful melodies that make birds and other wildlife suddenly appear at your feet.
And some of you can look at some string, milk jugs, leaves, and PVC piping and create a gorgeous table centerpiece. Continue reading

Tomorrow Is Always Fresh

Weak. Weary. Beaten. Worn. Done.

Those are the words that could adequately describe my body and spirit at the end of each day here lately.

Life consumes me and gets me so bogged down. I find myself worrying over the smallest of details and wasting precious time and energy trying to figure things out.

It is exhausting. Continue reading

No One Is Youer Than You

“Today you are you…that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” Dr. Seuss

How wonderful are those words? I know I have quoted him in a hundred Blog post, but Dr. Seuss is my go to guy when I need a little realistic boost. Maybe it is because my brain is simple, or perhaps he is just really, really wise.

Do you ever just find it hard to be yourself?¬†¬† Each and every day we are constantly reminded by the world that we aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, or even loved enough. We are told to act, dress, and think a certain way to meet others standards. Continue reading