My Specialty

We all have something we are incredibly good a; some skill that we totally excel in…leaving others in a cloud of dust as we rocket on by.

Some of you can crunch some serious numbers in your head.
Some of you can give Julia Child a run for her money in the kitchen.
Some of you can sing beautiful melodies that make birds and other wildlife suddenly appear at your feet.
And some of you can look at some string, milk jugs, leaves, and PVC piping and create a gorgeous table centerpiece.


I can rock the Awkward.

If being odd, out of place and Clumsy are what you are looking for in a friend… well look no further then right here….I’m your gal.

Each and every day I wake up with the anticipation that today will be THE day that I finally get my crap together and walk out into the world….normal. But typically within 10 minutes of my rising, I am brought back to reality that being awkward is my normal.

Just this morning I walked my dog outside wearing green and white stripped leggings with a blue and white stripped shirt I slept in last evening. My ensemble was capped off with the bright yellow Croc slip on shoes on my feet. Needless to say, the children waiting for the school bus at the end of the street this morning, had plenty to discuss when they saw my wardrobe.

As I entered my local Dunkin Donuts for a piping hot Pumpkin Spice Latte later on this morning, I became keenly aware of the gawks and stares from my fellow coffee lovers. It was ONLY after arriving at work and going to the bathroom with the full length mirror, did I notice that not only was my shirt on inside, but it was backwards as well. How does that even happen?????

I am also quiet talented at placing my foot into my mouth. I speak when I should be silent. Laugh when I should, again be silent. Have thoughts and opinions spew forth from my mouth when I don’t intend for anyone to hear them but me.  That my friends is talent.

Last week I was standing in line at the market, when I noticed the lady in front of me had on the ugliest pair of pants I had ever seen. It literally looked like she was wearing carpet.  Inside my mind I began my critique of her pants….

“Oh my goodness… did she cut those pants from her carpet this morning? Where do you buy such pants?  Floors-R-US?”

It was only after the lady turned and gave me a snooty and snide look did I realize the conversation was NOT taking place inside my head….but being verbalized right there in line!

I am so happy to report that this lady was not toting her firearm this day, and gracefully walked out of the store without incident.

Yes, I say things without thinking. I drop and break things constantly. And sometimes… I wear pants to work that have mustard stains on them because I would rather wear dirty pants then to have to iron clean ones.  Used to be that all this frustrated me and I walked around in a daze always wondering….

Image result for charlie brown awkward is my specialty

But after a while I realized that maybe the problem isn’t me…maybe I am just who I am meant to be. Then I remembered a special bible verse that sums up who I am….

“She is worth far more then rubies!” Proverbs 31:10

I was made me. Yes, I am flawed. Yes, I do strange things. Yes, sometimes I forget I have hot rollers in my hair when I go out in public. Yes, sometimes I laugh out loud at inappropriate times.  But I am still priceless.

And maybe… just maybe….

Image result for charlie brown awkward is my specialtyAnd I rock it like a ROCK STAR BABY!!!!!


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