Throw Beams….Not Daggers

I’m a scrapper.

While I am totally sweet and adorable, I can also get a little redneck when I need to and can hold my own with the best of them.  Getting myself into a good little scrap every now and then is…well fun to me. I pride myself on being quick witted and pretty good at bringing people down.

That is pretty sad that I just admitted to being good at that.

Pathetic actually.

My words often are hurled like daggers and their blow is often painful and deep to the person in which they are directed. Many a time I have had to do damage control because of something that spewed forth from my mouth.

I am kind of like Tyler Perry’s famed character Medea when she goes to anger Management with Dr. Phi…..

Image result for medea quotes on getting before getting got

Now, mind you… I do not own a gun and would never use one… but before someone can attack me, you better believe I’m going to use the ammunition of my words to ensure I fire first.

This morning I had planned for this post to go a whole different way. As I was preparing what I would  Blog about, I came across these words from William Shakespeare….

“How far that little Candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. Were the words coming out of my mouth throwing beams of light in this hateful and messed up world, or where they a part of the reason it is dark?

So many times I become consumed with me, me, me, that I fail to see that my words have the power to be light and a guide for those around me. So many times the words others have spoken to me has graced me and illuminated my dark world with rich light. How much better I felt by those words.

How often I have failed to do the same.

Even God Himself instructs me about my speech and says my words are a reflection of what is inside….

“For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”∼ Luke 6:45

We have become such a nation of mouthy people. We rant, and spew forth insults like nothing we say has any consequences.  Our mentality is… “They started it!” Our citizens hurdle insults and threats to one another without a single thought or care as to the impact they will have.

Those who want to lead us have become our worst examples.  Insults and name calling have taken the place of policy fulfillment and helpful strategies. Each side has become more concerned with making sure they are the getter… and not the gotten.  A good leader is someone who’s words encourage, inspire, and light the way……those who seek the power have seemingly forgotten this, and sadly, so have we.

So let it start with us. If those who want to lead us fail to act in the right manner, then let us light the way by using our words and actions in a fashion that provoke light and inspiration instead of darkness and fear.

Friend, I am the worst offender. My mouth can get me into a lot of trouble. I write this more as a pledge to myself then a plea for others. Change starts with one.

Have you ever been to a candlelight service where one candle is lit and in turn lights hundreds? What a glow it provides. Let’s be like that.

Image result for candlelight

Let’s be the beam…not the dagger.


2 thoughts on “Throw Beams….Not Daggers

  1. I went to a Christmas Eve candle light Service inside Salisbury Cathedral and that was a pretty special evening, the vast Medieval Church lit only by hundreds of white pillar candles looked amazing.

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