It’s Good To Be Queen

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe me.


All would be correct.

But there is one title I have held on to my whole life….

Drama Queen

Yep, it’s true. I am the Queen of all things dramatic.

Want a mountain out of a mole hill? I’m your girl!
Want to see a sweet mild mannered Southern lady lose her religion? Come hang out with me during football season.
Want to see every myth about redheads personified? Let me hear you talk about me, a loved one or a cause I support in a negative way.
Want to see a paper cut become an Urgent medical issue? Come to my office any day.

I can go from sweet and gentle to a New Jersey Housewife in about 2.5 seconds.

Image result for teresa giudice flipping table gif

My flare for the dramatic started early.  When I was 6 years old, my mother took me to see the Disney movie, The Fox And The Hound. This sweet little movie was about a hunting dog, and fox that were the best of friends, but forced to live separate lives because society just couldn’t accept their friendship.

I made it about 3/4 of the way through the movie before I finally lost all control of my emotions. There were tears, tantrums, yelling at the screen, and more tears. Why oh why couldn’t Copper and Tod be friends??????  It didn’t take long for management to come to my mother and demand I be released from the theatre.  35 years later, I STILL cannot watch the movie without going into a full blown panic attack.

Thanks Walt!

Now I am never the one you want to be with in a crisis. One Sunday morning when I was 16 my sister, who is prone to dizzy and fainting spells, decided to fall out… right during the closing prayer.  My mother, who is a nurse and is the most UNDRAMATIC person, had the situation under control and all was well… until I happened to notice what was going on.

“Someone help! My sister is dying!  SHE IS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!! “ rang throughout the sanctuary, as my embarrassed mother and now upright sister, were attempting to shut my mouth. To this day, if my sister so much as sneezes, I am ready to call 911.

One of my grandest acts as Queen has been to totally freak my neighbors out. Last year on a particularly warm Saturday in October, I turned on my TV to watch my Tennessee Volunteers take on the Georgia Bulldogs. The game was a roller coaster of emotions (if you have ever watched the VOLs play you know they tend to give their fans heart attacks with their game play).

I am not going to lie…. I am a sofa coach. I like to yell at the QB, the coach, and anyone else on the team I think will listen. My football resume is void of any credentials, but I am convinced I am the one that could get my team to a national title… you get the picture. Instructions, insults, and a myriad of other words were being shouted at the television. Of course the team was 50 miles away in Knoxville, but I like to think they were hearing my play calls.

Right before halftime we are down by two touchdowns. Georgia has the ball…they fumble….we recover….we score!  Then we score again! My emotions were too much! Shouts went out that I am sure where heard 3 counties over. What I failed to realize was the fact that my neighbors were outside with their dogs at the exact moment I am shouting…..”GET HIM! KNOCK HIM OUT!” Thinking there is some sort of violent act taking place in my home, they leap into action. Instantly the couple was at my open screened sliding glass door, ready to help fend off my attackers.

You can imagine their shock when all they saw was little ole me….dancing like a mad woman in front of my TV. This season they have not acknowledged any noises they have heard on either a Saturday or Sunday.

Even this past Spring, when my favorite TV show, Downton Abbey decided to end it’s successful run, I broke down.

There were several sad and emotional Facebook post, a lot of chocolate consumed, and even one pathetic Blog Post. You can read it here . I even needed to take off early from work the next day. I was that committed to the Crawley family.

Don’t judge.

Yes, I get emotional. Yes. Sometimes I yell and throw things. Yes. Sometimes I OVER react. But that is all just part of my charm. I wouldn’t be me if I was calm, cool, and collected. I mean… how boring is that??????????

Love me, Love my dramatics.

It’s good to be Queen!


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