Beauty Still Remains

Watching the news now days makes me want to grab my books, my dog, my 90210 DVD’s and find me a safe retreat Underground. So much drama.

Humans calling other humans vile and ugly names.
Humans hurting and killing other humans.
Violence erupting in serene places.
Friends turning on each other because of politics.

All this is almost too much to handle.

I miss the days when there was no CNN, FOX News, or internet. If something was upsetting, it wasn’t aired 100 times during a news broadcast. When I could read the paper or watch my TV without a media outlet telling me who I should vote for. When our biggest concern was who shot JR…Not who Donald Trump assaulted or how many emails Hillary deleted.

Those were the days.

We have become so suspicious and intolerant of one another.  If someone thinks differently then me, looks different then me, or speaks different then I do… they are not to be trusted.

The world is just a horrible place.

Or is it?

Looking for ideas on what to Blog about today, I came across this quote from Anne Frank….

” I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”

That got me to thinking…. what if there really is good still out in the world… I have just become so jaded and caught up in the drama, I have forgotten how to see it?

Goodness and Beauty surround me on a daily basis. However, I have let myself become blinded by all the wrong to see it…….but it’s there…..looking me full in the face each and every day.

Like the day I went to lunch feeling blue and uneasy about some finances. I was miserable, cranky, and terribly hungry. I ordered my meal at the drive thru mindlessly wondering what I was going to do about some bills I needed to get paid off pretty quick. As I pulled up to the window, the cashier informed me that the person in front of me had paid for my meal and felt the need to tell me that God loved me very much.  Words I totally needed to hear on this day.

There was also the day I locked my keys in my trunk right before a hike. I was miles in the middle of nowhere with no way to get an extra set. A group of bikers who looked way different then the circle of folks I run in, stepped up and helped me get into my car without taking any form of payment other then a hug.

Beauty shined through the day I was hiking on the Appalachian Trail and was struggling with an injury and a crappy attitude. A stranger appeared out of the blue who was much faster and in a hurry to see his wife for the first time in 10 days (he was thru hiking the AT and had hiked 200 miles in almost 2 weeks.) took the time to slow down and hike with me. He encouraged my passion of hiking, and offered some advice that I will always cherish. His conversation and companionship made the time fly and before I knew it….we had reached our destination. He was late meeting his wife, but the gift he gave in return was priceless to me.

Just last week a driver wrecked his SUV off the side of the road and it rolled down an embankment sparking flame. Strangers, who just happened to be passing by, immediately jumped into action to rescue the driver before the flames overtook him.  Forming a human chain, everyone worked together to get the driver to safety.  Pretty incredible. You can watch the news footage Here .

Friends our world is dark, and sometimes it can consume us. Let us not forget that there IS goodness.  Sometimes the light is dim, but if we all work together…human to human….then we can pierce that darkness with a brilliant light.

Don’t lose heart. These may be some dark and ugly days…but the Beauty still remains….just open your eyes too it.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Still Remains

  1. Excellent Jess ♥
    ~ I just picked up a tea while out picking up my lunch. The gal rang up the ice coffee behind me with my order. She went off in a fluster to get a manager to credit it before I was able to say (I still did) 🙂 please just give it to him. RAOK. There is a lot of love in the world, we all need to look for it – and keep offering.
    Rambling as usual 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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