Just Doing My Thing

So I may be just a little wee bit dramatic.

Ok…so I am VERY dramatic.

Once when my sister fainted in church, instead of helping my mother place her limp body back up into the pew, I starting immediately shouting to the congregation, that was deep in prayer, that ” HELP! HELP! MY SISTER IS DYING!!!!!”

Of course she wasn’t dying, and I drew more attention to the situation than my mother or sister wanted, but it is just who and what I am.


If I had a dollar for each and every time someone told me to Relax, I would be retired living on the beaches of Fiji right about now.

I am not sure where my dramatic side came from, because my mother was is the most calm and relaxed person on the planet. My sister (who is equally, if not MORE dramatic then me) and I could come to her with blood pouring from our skulls, or tattered limbs hanging from our bodies, declaring our imminent death, and she would roll her eyes, bust out some alcohol wipes and band-aids, and send us on our way.  All while never, muttering a word.

Surly some of this coolness would have rubbed off on me right?


My first year teaching, I lived in what is known as Tornado Ally in Middle Tennessee. Being an East Tennessee girl, tornados are not real common place, so imagine my surprise when out of the blue one February day, the tornado sirens started going off during nap time. Now I don’t know if you have ever had to wake a sleeping 5 year old, but it is a little like walking a turtle through molasses.


I had 18 sleeping beauties to wake up.


In this situation, I am to be the strong one. I am to be a calming force to the screaming children. Someone, that when 20 years from now, my students could say, “That Ms. Grooms was so calm that day! She pulled us through with calm and gentle spirit.”

However, 18 years later, my students are probably still talking about how on the scariest day of their young lives,  they were awoke with shouts of, “Wake up! The world is ending!”, and how it was they who calmed their teacher as she sat shivering with fright in a corner during the storm.

Don’t judge.

Yes, I tend to scream and over react. Sure my Dr still has to bribe me to give me a shot, and every time it storms I am still convinced the world is coming to an end. But it’s just who I am.

A hot, loveable, over-dramatic, mess.

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