A Masterpiece

Do you ever catch yourself repeating the same phrase over and over, and OVER again? You know, one of those pesky little sayings that really is not meant to be a fact statement, but you say it so much, that eventually over time you start to believe it?


If so, then this post if for you.  If not….read it anyway because, well, let’s face it….. you know you really do what I am talking about.

This past weekend I hiked with a few of my hiking buddies. I was super excited to take a friend along, who really is interested in starting to hike more.  The other ladies in my party are regular and avid hikers like me, and we can usually keep the same pace. However, my friend is just starting out, and her pace was not quiet what ours was.

No problem.

We love having new folks join us, and don’t expect everyone to keep up with us, or us them.

However, I sometimes just zone out and take off, leaving others behind, or lag behind myself exploring something interesting.

I am a horrible hiking mate.

Thus my repeated statement, that started out as a light hearted sentiment, but over the past few months has become what I ACTUALLY think about myself.

Saturday, I caught myself flying up the mountain, pulling away from the group, and my friend, who I wanted to have a good experience. There were at least 10 times I repeated the phrase, “I am a horrible hiking partner.” My friends being the wonderful people they are of course responded, “Whatever!” But it was on around the eleventh time of repeating this phrase that one of my regular hiking pals, Melani, finally had had enough….

“Will you PLEASE stop saying that?!?!? That is not true!”

You would just have to meet Melani.  She is a petite, and sweet little thing.  But she is also a firecracker.  When she spoke… I listened.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Sweet Melani, who totally helped change my thinking.

At that moment, I realized, I really had taken my silly ole funny statement a little too far and was starting to actually think it of myself.

As we sat and ate our lunch,  I pondered just how often we do this in our day to day lives. How many of you got up this morning and stood in front of the mirror and made some statement similar to this….

“I just don’t look right in anything!”
“I wish my thighs were smaller.”

Or maybe you were a little deeper and emotional….

“I wish I measured up.”
“I am such a nobody.”

While in all honesty, the statements probably started out simple and innocent enough, over time, we actually start to believe what we say.

I admit it…. I am the WORLD’S worst offender of this. I make a statement in jest to get a laugh…. “I am an adorable, cubby redhead” , but overtime, I have found myself repeating that statement over and over and actually believing it. Why can’t I just be adorable? Why do I feel the need to add the chubby?

I do believe it is time for a Replacement way of thinking.

Right there in the middle of Proverbs we are given specific instructions on the way we think…..

Image result for bible verses about negative thinking

I don’t think God put that in as a mere suggestion. It is a command, and warning. The way I think, is how I am going to start shaping my life.

Repeatedly telling myself that I am a horrible person, or that I am not good enough, pretty enough, worthy enough, is going to start reflecting in all areas of my life. I am going to become bitter, hateful, fearful, and just down right miserable.

Sure, I sometimes zone out and leave my friends….but I ALWAYS catch myself and stop to wait.  They know this about me and STILL love me and hike with me.

Yep, I could stand to lose a few more pounds. Who couldn’t?  I am still adorable no matter my state of chubbiness.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Let go of the negative talk.

You and I are beautifully and masterfully created by an awesome and PERFECT God.  He knows every hair on our head, every freckle, wrinkle, fat roll, and deformity.

He created us.

In HIS image.

We are beautiful. We are amazing. We are masterpieces.

So the next time you find yourself repeating a statement about yourself, Stop,  and remember that

Image result for bible verses about being god's masterpiece

And that makes you and I pretty darn awesome!



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