Born To Stand Out

I didn’t chose the Ginger life, the Ginger life chose me.

Growing up, having red hair was one little Nuance I could have lived without. It constantly brought attention to me, and people were forever touching my hair and “Oooing” and “Ahhing” over me.

I was absolutly miserable.


The fact that I had an adorable baby sister who was a BLOND didn’t help matter either.

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Wherever I went… it seemed that red mop on top of my head seemed to stick out like a sore thumb.

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In school I was the only redhead in my class.  It was pretty easy to pick me out in a crowd, and of course everyone always had to comment on it.  While my friends were able to drift into the sea of blond, browns, and ebony colored hair, I was ALWAYS easy to pick out. I was always the redheaded girl.

“Go sit next to the girl with the red hair please.”
“Throw the ball to the redhead.”
“Hey girl with the red hair, can you move so I can see the board?”

My red hair was my identity.  And I hated it.

Growing older didn’t help matters any.  Even in college, I again stood out front and center.  My roommates had the most delicious shades of blonde, and brunette hair…. and there I was…. out front….with my stupid red hair.

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I was constantly having to answer the question, “Is that your real color?” And of course there were the endless red head jokes about how I had no soul, I was so pale I could read by my glow at night, and how if my freckles all formed together would give me a terrific tan.

It was relentless.

All I ever wanted was to just blend in; to be like everyone else.

I wanted to be normal.


The same.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I finally understood the uniqueness and beauty of my red hair.  I was doing a Bible Study in the Song of Solomon, and I read the following verses:

“My beloved spoke and said to me: ‘Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.'” ∼Song of Solomon 2:13

“You are beautiful my love, there is no flaw in you.”  ∼Song of Solomon 4:7

Suddenly, I got it.  I was by a perfect God.  A God who constructed every inch of me, and even took the time to number the hair on my head.  (If you know how thick my hair is that’s a LOT of hair!) He didn’t make some kind of random decision to make my hair red, it was all part of His design.

His FLAWLESS design.

I remember very vividly looking into the mirror for a long time that morning. Perhaps this red hair wasn’t a curse after all.  It did make me different.  It made me unique.  It made me special.

Perhaps….just maybe….I wasn’t made to blend it.

Maybe I was made to stand out.

And thus began my love affair with my red hair.  No longer did I hide it, or resent it. Now I fully embraced it.

Friend, we were all created to stand out. If we hadn’t God would have created us all the same.  We would all be the same size, color, have the same laugh, walk the same, have the same tastes, goals, and passions.

How absolutely boring that would be.

Instead, we are all different. My sister is tall, slender, blond, athletic, and gorgeous, while I am short, kinda stocky, and red headed. But you know what? There were never two more beautiful sisters.  If we were the same, I don’t think my sister and I would have the great relationship we have today.  Our differences balance us out.

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Don’t be resentful about what makes you different.  Embrace it. You were created to be you… not the crowd. Every inch of you is perfect.  Maybe you have lisp when you talk. Perhaps one leg is shorter then the other. Or maybe you were born with no hair at all. You may have big ears, big feet, or big eyes.  Your fingers may be thick and stocky while everyone else’s are long and slender.

Whatever it is that makes you different….remember this:

You are flawless.

There was not some kind of issue with your design. When you were formed in the womb, God didn’t suddenly get busy and forget to add an ingredient. You were created special. You were created to stand out.

So, no longer do I look to my red hair as a curse.  In fact, I may be a little too conceited about it now.  🙂  But that is the topic of a whole other blog…..  🙂

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Embrace what it is that makes you, YOU. Don’t hide it, resent it, and waste time being bitter.  Remember…. you are flawless, and you were made to STAND OUT!


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