Learning To Love Again

Ok… so can I just be incredibly honest right now?  When Downton Abbey ended last year, I was devastated.   Crushed.  Left for dead.

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On the off chance you forgot about my epic meltdown, here is the link to the post where I PLEADED for them to continue.  Please Don’t Go

For 6 years I chose to Immerse my whole being into the Crawley’s and their loyal servants each and every Sunday night. 

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And then they broke my heart.

As quickly has they came into my life, the Crawley’s left.  I was heart sick.  How could they do this to me?  I had been there for everyone of Mary’s scandals, Edith’s botched relationships, Thomas’ schemes, and every time a Bates went to Prison, I was the first in life to offer bail money.

How could they leave me… alone.

Instantly I vowed to never love another TV family again.


The heartache and torture of having to let go was just too much.  I mean it took me YEARS to get over the Walsh family leaving me when 90210 went off air, now the Crawley’s?


For 6 months I went on with life.  I watched the Crawley’s via reruns, but it just wasn’t the same.  There just could never be another perfectly imperfect family for me to love. I was convinced my heart would never love again.

But then, along came the Pearson family.

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When This Is Us first debuted in September, I was determined NOT to get sucked into the hype.  People were ranting and raving about the new family on TV that was taking American by storm, and how awesome they were.


On a whim… I watched the first episode…. and it happened.

I became obsessed with This Is Us and the Pearson family.

Jack and Rebecca Pearson are about as different as you can get from the Crawley family. First off, they are American, not English.  They are middle class, not high society. And they don’t have any lovable and loyal  servants catering to their every whim, but they are just as special.

After losing one of their triplets during childbirth, they chose to adopt a baby who was born the same day, and abandoned at a local fire station.  He is African American, but Jack and Rebecca don’t care. They love Randall just as much as Kate and Kevin, and they have enough love to weather any storm life throws at them.

The show bounces back and forth between the triplets(other wise known as the Big 3) growing up years, and present day. We see the struggles of Jack and Rebecca raising three totally different kids, balancing work, finances, old demons, and the stresses of their own horrible childhoods.   Kevin, Kate, and Randall (the triplets) also have their own demons.

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Jack Pearson is the glue that holds the family together.

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He is the perfect, and I do mean absolute PERFECT, husband and father. Sure he has some terrible demons that haunt him, but at the end of every day, it is ALWAYS about Rebecca and the kids.  They come first, and his own dreams and ambitions come second.

It also doesn’t hurt that he is freaking GORGEOUS!

Each and every Tuesday I jump on the roller coaster ride that is This Is Us.  For an hour I go from laughing hysterically, to sobbing uncontrollably.  The Pearson’s are not the perfect family, but the reason they are so loved, is the fact they are relatable.  They yell, fight, scream, argue, and sometimes hurt each other. Nothing is ever resolved at the end of an episode.

Just like real life.

Tonight is the season finale, and I know my heart is going to be broken. We have known for a while this episode was coming (I am totally not throwing out any spoilers… if you haven’t watched the season yet.. do it NOW!), but I don’t think I am emotionally prepared for what I know is going to happen this evening.

I want to thank the Pearson family.  Thank you for teaching me that it is OK to be imperfect. It is OK to be different. Love does not come in any color, size, or social class. Life is about taking big chances, and picking yourself back up when you fall.

So yes, I have found my new family.  A family I totally want to be adopted into. And while, I know I am only going to end up crying again and hating life when it’s over, I think I’ll just enjoy the ride while I can.





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