13567404_10153594687322120_2716469866699999649_nHello there! I am Jessica. A VERY young 40 something single gal, whose spirit is as wild and fiery as her red hair. I live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and I can honestly say there ain’t anywhere else I would rather live. I absolutely adore being Southern. 

I am deeply attached to my fur child Ellie, who you might frequently read about.


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 If you get to know me, you’ll find I am extremely opinionated and full of observations. I am sometimes a little scatterbrained and a whole lot spastic. My mouth sometimes gets me into trouble since I often speak before my brain has a chance to even know what is going on.  I am totally addicted to coffee,  football, and British Mysteries. Especially Coffee. 🙂


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I am also an obsessed hiker, who you will find out climbing a mountain each weekend.


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I am loved by a GREAT BIG God, and strive daily to serve Him. However,  as a former debater, and a stubborn redhead, I sometimes give The Almighty a battle and challenge His ways, but ultimately I have learned that His ways are ALWAYS going to be higher, better and more loving then my own.  

 Sometimes my life can be a hot mess.  Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I cry. But at the end of the day I ALWAYS laugh, most of the time that being at my own expense.  I hope you will chose to laugh and go on this journey with me.

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  1. Hi Jessica! A great name, same as my daughter. And I love your furry baby! I have no idea where the Smoky Mountains or Tennesee is. But I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

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    • Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE when folks drop by to say, “Hello” Tennessee is one of the 50 state in the United States. We are in the South and live in the region known as Appalachia. Everyone I look I see mountains. I think it is the most beautiful place on earth, but I know there is so much out there to see and experience.

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the Smokies are my playground! I love these mountains! Sometimes I have to force myself to leave them, so I can experience other beautiful places. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll make it back soon!


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  3. Way cool About. I love your honesty. I mean who’d write what you wrote and not be telling her truth. I love the Smokey Mountains too. What a beautiful area, and I’m sure hiking in the right shoes (which I must always remember to wear just in case), would be a blast. Did I mention I love adventure, so going on a journey is my cup of tea. Who knows what/who you might run into? It’s bound to be something or someone that will teach you something you didn’t know before. Although I talk a lot, I also like to listen. As Diana Ross sang, “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough.” What does this mean to me…knowledge!

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  4. I should like to say don’t follow me (lol not that you’re gonna) 🙂 I’m not that good and won’t Post that often (second time I blogged previously for 2 years) but I enjoy reading and following now. Oh and I’ve spent an enjoyable afternoon reading your posts. TY

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  5. Hello Jessica

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