Adulting: It is Overrated

Adulting is hard.

Can I get an Amen?

There are days I sit at my desk and I think to myself, “I wish I still had my Barbies to play with.” Playing with Barbie and all those friends was WAY more exciting than my life.

I mean Barbie gets up every morning with perfect body, perfect hair, and a flawless wardrobe. She gets into her spiffy little Barbie sports car….and she is off to some exotic job in the world of fashion or finance. Continue reading

Yes, I Weigh 125 lbs., And Other Lies I Tell Myself

Sometimes, real life sucks, so I daydream. My life is so much more interesting and fulfilling in those fantasies then they are in reality. For example, Yesterday at the Doctor’s office, the nurse wanted to know my weight, my response was, “Do you want my real weight, or the Mythical weight I  have convinced myself I am?” Thankfully, she let me enter my mythical weight.

Surely I am not the only one who, in their head, has a far more entertaining life then they do in reality????  We mean well, and aren’t really trying to be deceptive, but sometimes it is just way easier to fill my head with nonsense, than it is to live out the truth. Continue reading

It’s Good To Be Queen

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe me.


All would be correct.

But there is one title I have held on to my whole life….

Drama Queen Continue reading

Let The Sun Shine….AGAIN!


Well, I was nominated once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much BEXoxox Blog for the shout out and nomination! A while back I said I wasn’t going to participate in any more of these awards, but you know what????? Someone took the time to read something I wrote and they liked it! They thought enough of my words to  recognize me and give me a shout out, so I in turn accept the nomination and proudly display for all to see.  🙂 Now, awards aren’t for everyone, so if you don’t accept…hey that’s fine too.  🙂 Continue reading

Time’s Up!!!

Tuesday????? Already???   Was it just not Friday with a three day weekend ahead of me 5 minutes ago??????  What happened? How did I miss it????? Where did it go????

This was the conversation I had with myself this morning as I got up to get ready for work. It is Tuesday… the day after Labor Day, and I find myself sitting here wondering…Where did my 3 day weekend go???

When I left the office on Friday afternoon I had big plans for the weekend ahead.  There was dinner with girlfriends to kick off the glorious 3 day weekend, and then I had plans to get my house organized and maybe see a movie. All my loved ones were out of town or busy, and I can’t hike right now, so it was time to get caught up. Continue reading

Bad Girl

Don’t you just hate those people who act like they have everything together? Everything is perfect. They are always on time. Never look disheveled and swear they don’t have a   Vice of any kind.

I don’t trust these people.

I am a hot mess. There is never a time that I have it all together. EVER. There are so many issues that I would be foolish to even pretend to be normal. Continue reading

Ingredients Of A Ginger

So it is finally here… the VERY thing you have been waiting for.  Yes folks, it is Christmas in August. Today you will find out 25 things all about ME. Special shout out to Suze over at Suziland for the  inspiration. If you have not checked her out.. DO SO NOW… but go to the potty first because she will make you pee on yourself.  🙂 Continue reading

It’s For A Good Reason And Other Lies I Tell Myself

I can justify anything I do… in fact, I am the Queen of justification. Even if I know deep deep down it is a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY bad idea…. I can make a case for it. I blame the years of speech and debate I did in high school and college for my gift.

For example, just last evening on my way home from work I made a stop at the store. I was only going in to purchase a few items, but….right there… the front…. proudly on display so I could not miss it… was a buggy full of candy on sale.  And not just ANY candy, but those cute little Miniature chocolate bars…. Continue reading

I’m Going to Last

I know I have made the comment before, but sometimes my life seems like I am on a Blooper show.  Crazy, random things happen to me so often through the day, that often I am sitting here just waiting for some one to say… “Smile! Your on hidden camera! It’s all been a funny Joke!”

Let’s just use today as an example.

I wake up..cranky because I got very little sleep the night before. Those darn Olympics kept me up half the night. I swear they could have cow tipping as one of the events, and I would sit glued to my TV, eating my popcorn, cheering on Team USA. Continue reading

Wasting Time…Maybe

Don’t you hate when you are going through your day…feeling awesome and accomplished and then someone comes along and …..

They totally rain on your sunny day.

Well that happened to me this past weekend. I accomplished, what I thought was a pretty amazing feat- hiking 300 miles in 5.5 months, and I was beyond proud and amazed at myself.   See…. I look pretty happy.

It didn’t take long for someone to try to poo poo on my excitement once I shared my joy on social media.

“Why do you waste every Saturday hiking? Don’t you have any responsibilities? “ was a response I got from a “friend”. ” I mean what you do is great and all, but don’t you have REAL stuff to do? Seems like a lazy excuse to get out of doing work.” Continue reading