It’s Time

Electric. Majestic. Powerful. Tradition.

These are words that describe the current atmosphere here in East Tennessee. Today is a day we have been waiting exactly 9 months for. Today we will finally here those 5 words that will make every Tennessean Shiver with delight…..

It’s Football Time In Tennessee!!!!!

If you don’t live in the South you may not understand why today is so special. Why every person within a 100 mile radius of Knoxville, TN is decked out in orange today with Rocky Top playing in the background. Continue reading

Brick By Brick

Patience is a virtue I was not blessed with. If you were to look up impatient in the dictionary here is what you would see:

Impatience eagerly awaiting her dinner, but dude won’t stop taking pictures.

I can’t stand waiting….on anything. I expect instant results at the very snap of my fingers. Somewhere along the way I have become spoiled and well…BRATTY.  I REFUSE to abide by the old Heinz Ketchup slogan…. “The best things come to those who wait.” Continue reading

The Sherriff

Daily Prompt

I originally wrote this the weekend before the Super Bowl.  Given his retirement this past week, I feel this is worthy of re-post for today’s prompt.  🙂


Every generation has a “Great”, someone who, when given the opportunity, rises above the rest to aspire to great heights. What makes them Great is not merely just their abilities, but the humility that comes with them.

Ask anyone here in the State of Tennessee who they would classify as one of the “Greats” from our State, and you might be surprised at the answer you receive. Continue reading

My All



I ain’t gonna lie, I am sad.  REAL sad.  The kind of sad where you want to hole up on your couch with a six pack of Cherry Coke Zero and a truck load of Fudge Rounds.  You see I am a football fan.  And not just a football fan, but a University of Tennessee Football fan. This past weekend, they played and lost to one of the most annoying teams ever, The Florida Gators. It was an intense game full of all kinds of drama and emotion.  But in the end Tennessee fans were left with the reality that once again, those pesky Gators had chomped us. Continue reading