Something of the Marvelous

“You will grow from this.”

I absolutly hate that sentence.  It has been said to me so much through my life, that I can almost tell you when it is getting ready to be said to me in conversation.

Why should I have to grow?  Why can’t life just go as I want it to go, and follow my schedule?  Is that really too much to ask?  Seriously, it seems that once I finally adjust to something, it changes, leaving me frustrated, confused, and flopping around like a fish out of water.  Continue reading

Pushing On

Have you ever started something, only to get half way through it, and find yourself asking,


Well, that happened to me this weekend. Ok, so it happens to me a lot, but for the purpose of this particular Blog post, we are going to talk about this past weekend.

I have made no qualms that I love to hike.  Being out in nature, just makes me feel so connected to God, and I love the adventure it brings.  This weekend, after several weeks of bad, nasty, cold, snowy weather, we finally had a nice weekend.  Of course I turn to my equally adventure seeking friends, and say, Continue reading