Don’t Miss It!

Have you ever just gotten so bored with day to day life?

Get up.

Sit in traffic.

Go to work.

Do 500 errands.

Go to bed.


Perhaps you feel like you are sitting in the classroom of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off….. Continue reading

Light Up The Night

Marilyn Monroe once said…. “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to TwinkleHave you ever stood outside at night…far from the lights of the city….and just looked up at the sky?

View of night sky from Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park


It is just the most beautiful and luminous sight imaginable. Even the dark doesn’t seem so dark or scary when all those stars are working together to shine and twinkle. Continue reading

I’m Worn

I’m tired
I’m worn
My heart is heavy
From the work it takes to keep on breathing

These were the words I heard as I started my car this morning to head to work.  I knew the song well, even though it had been a while since I had heard it.  As I entered my car, there was no better way to describe me then by these words…

I’ve made mistakes
I’ve let my hope fail
My soul feels crushed
By the weight of this world Continue reading

I Lived

“Girl, you really need to just stop. You are embarrassing us, and I really just want to go home and eat a box of Fudge Rounds.”

This is the actual conversation I had with myself about a mile into my hike on Saturday.

The day started out well enough. I met some fellow hiking enthusiast to tackle one of the toughest hikes in the park…. Rocky Top. Most of the people in the group I had never met until that morning… in fact, I only knew two of the ladies and had already hiked with them. But the rest were strangers and I didn’t really know what to expect. Continue reading

Shout Out To 1975

If you have been anything like me the past two weeks your Eyes have been glued to the television watching the Olympics in Rio. Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED the Olympics. I will stay up way past my bedtime to cheer on my country. I love them so much in fact, that if cow tipping was an Olympic sport, I would stay up to the wee hours of the morning cheering on team USA.

Of course I have cheered on the favorites of Phelps, Ledecky, Biles, Felix, and Bolt. Each one an inspiration and a pride to their country. However, on Sunday, during the ladies vault final in gymnastics, I found myself inspired by someone I had never even heard of before. Continue reading

Forward Is Forward

I am not going to lie… I can sometimes get real cocky and sure of myself. I am in NO way conceited, but from time to time, I get a little too over confident with myself and I need to be humbled. Honestly…just look at this face… doesn’t she look a little cocky?

This weekend I experienced one of those times where I desperately needed to be brought back down to size, and these mountains I live in were all too happy to do the job.  I hiked  on the Appalachian Trail starting at Clingmans Dome and headed down to Miry Ridge and then back up to Clingmans Dome.  Clingmans Dome is the 3rd highest peak east of the Mississippi River. It stands at 6,643 feet in elevation. Hiking to Miry Ridge you get to about 5000 feet in elevation, so you can only imagine what the return trip is like. Continue reading

Wasting Time…Maybe

Don’t you hate when you are going through your day…feeling awesome and accomplished and then someone comes along and …..

They totally rain on your sunny day.

Well that happened to me this past weekend. I accomplished, what I thought was a pretty amazing feat- hiking 300 miles in 5.5 months, and I was beyond proud and amazed at myself.   See…. I look pretty happy.

It didn’t take long for someone to try to poo poo on my excitement once I shared my joy on social media.

“Why do you waste every Saturday hiking? Don’t you have any responsibilities? “ was a response I got from a “friend”. ” I mean what you do is great and all, but don’t you have REAL stuff to do? Seems like a lazy excuse to get out of doing work.” Continue reading

Don’t Make The Rocks Scream

You know how sometimes you think you know the meaning of something, and then BAM! Just like that something happens and for the first time, you have a whole new understanding of the word? Well that happened to me this week.

My whole life I have felt I understood the word Praise.  I would go to church on Sunday and tell God how great He was and then I would go back home and go about my business. The following Sunday I would go and do the same thing.  Praise was merely telling someone, “Good Job!” Continue reading

Don’t Wait… Swim Out To It!

Have you ever gotten a Craving for something so bad that you found yourself going absolutely NUTS?  Nothing and I mean NOTHING satisfies you until you indulge yourself. You become irrational, cranky, moody, delusional, and downright hateful.

The emotions that pour from you as you finally relish in your craving, are usually anything but graceful. In fact… you may look a little like this…. Continue reading

Towards The Sunshine

Sad. I feel incredibly sad.

Most days I can face the stresses  and anxieties of the day ahead with a firm and steadfast resolve. I wake up with a You can try, but You’ll never knock me down attitude, and I am ready to battle the day ahead.

And then, there are days like today. Days where I Muse over the events transpiring around me, and I want to retreat into the dark spaces of my own mind. Days where humor and even Little Debbie can’t make me feel better.

Sometimes my thoughts are just too complicated. Continue reading