Learning To Love Again

Ok… so can I just be incredibly honest right now?  When Downton Abbey ended last year, I was devastated.   Crushed.  Left for dead.

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On the off chance you forgot about my epic meltdown, here is the link to the post where I PLEADED for them to continue.  Please Don’t Go

For 6 years I chose to Immerse my whole being into the Crawley’s and their loyal servants each and every Sunday night.  Continue reading


It’s Good To Be Queen

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe me.


All would be correct.

But there is one title I have held on to my whole life….

Drama Queen Continue reading

Time’s Up!!!

Tuesday????? Already???   Was it just not Friday with a three day weekend ahead of me 5 minutes ago??????  What happened? How did I miss it????? Where did it go????

This was the conversation I had with myself this morning as I got up to get ready for work. It is Tuesday… the day after Labor Day, and I find myself sitting here wondering…Where did my 3 day weekend go???

When I left the office on Friday afternoon I had big plans for the weekend ahead.  There was dinner with girlfriends to kick off the glorious 3 day weekend, and then I had plans to get my house organized and maybe see a movie. All my loved ones were out of town or busy, and I can’t hike right now, so it was time to get caught up. Continue reading

I Don’t Get It

Thomas Edison once said,  “It is Obvious that we don’t know one millionth of one percent about anything.”  Ain’t that the truth?!  Sometimes I look at everything going on around me and I just have to say……  “I don’t get it.” So many times the path looks obvious to me, but then I notice others going the opposite direction and I am left to question myself….”Huh????” Continue reading

Life Is Just A Chair Of Bowlies

Some may say I overreact. Some may say I am dramatic. Some may say I am a Drama Queen.  And….they would be correct. I’m not sure where it stems from. Growing up, I was raised in a very un-dramatic household. My mother or grandmother never flew off the handle and were both cool, calm and collected under pressure, but me…..everything was, and still is, a Crisis .

A crisis is defined in Webster’s as a Difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention.

Pretty simple. Continue reading