Yes, I Weigh 125 lbs., And Other Lies I Tell Myself

Sometimes, real life sucks, so I daydream. My life is so much more interesting and fulfilling in those fantasies then they are in reality. For example, Yesterday at the Doctor’s office, the nurse wanted to know my weight, my response was, “Do you want my real weight, or the Mythical weight I  have convinced myself I am?” Thankfully, she let me enter my mythical weight.

Surely I am not the only one who, in their head, has a far more entertaining life then they do in reality????  We mean well, and aren’t really trying to be deceptive, but sometimes it is just way easier to fill my head with nonsense, than it is to live out the truth. Continue reading

Like A Champ

I haven’t written much lately.  Life has come at me pretty hard and I feel like I have been Bludgeon to a bloody lump. So much time has been spent riding the wave of the high I was on, that I completely forgot that I am still human and that sucky things still happen.

Of course when I get all down and out, I turn to my faith for guidance, encouragement, and inspiration. So much can be learned by just spending time alone with the Almighty. It amazes me the different ways that God can speak to me….The majesty of the beauty of nature, His words in the Bible, the love and support of family and friends, and Rocky Balboa. Continue reading

Dancing In The Rain

It happened again this weekend.  While pushing my cart around the grocery store I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years.   Of course we exchanged pleasantries and then…. it happened…… THE question everyone likes to ask….

“So, are you married?”

When I reply with a simple “No” the look I get is always the same. Continue reading

It’s Good To Be Queen

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe me.


All would be correct.

But there is one title I have held on to my whole life….

Drama Queen Continue reading

My Specialty

We all have something we are incredibly good a; some skill that we totally excel in…leaving others in a cloud of dust as we rocket on by.

Some of you can crunch some serious numbers in your head.
Some of you can give Julia Child a run for her money in the kitchen.
Some of you can sing beautiful melodies that make birds and other wildlife suddenly appear at your feet.
And some of you can look at some string, milk jugs, leaves, and PVC piping and create a gorgeous table centerpiece. Continue reading

Under The Big Top

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Step Right Up……Be prepared to see things you’ll wish you could un-see, and experience some death defying stunts!”

If there could be any announcement or advertisement for my life…. that would be it. From the moment I entered the earth 41 years ago till right now, my life has been a Circus. Continue reading