Learning To Love Again

Ok… so can I just be incredibly honest right now?  When Downton Abbey ended last year, I was devastated.   Crushed.  Left for dead.

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On the off chance you forgot about my epic meltdown, here is the link to the post where I PLEADED for them to continue.  Please Don’t Go

For 6 years I chose to Immerse my whole being into the Crawley’s and their loyal servants each and every Sunday night.  Continue reading


I’m Going to Last

I know I have made the comment before, but sometimes my life seems like I am on a Blooper show.  Crazy, random things happen to me so often through the day, that often I am sitting here just waiting for some one to say… “Smile! Your on hidden camera! It’s all been a funny Joke!”

Let’s just use today as an example.

I wake up..cranky because I got very little sleep the night before. Those darn Olympics kept me up half the night. I swear they could have cow tipping as one of the events, and I would sit glued to my TV, eating my popcorn, cheering on Team USA. Continue reading

Under The Big Top

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Step Right Up……Be prepared to see things you’ll wish you could un-see, and experience some death defying stunts!”

If there could be any announcement or advertisement for my life…. that would be it. From the moment I entered the earth 41 years ago till right now, my life has been a Circus. Continue reading