He Knows My Name

Do you ever Label yourself?

I am such a screw up.
I am fat.
I am lazy.
I am ugly.
I am worthless.

The past few weeks, I have struggled with just this thing.  While I have accomplished some amazingly wonderful feats, the past few weeks I have felt so unworthy, unloved, and unappreciated.  Continue reading

Introducing Miss Dolly Presley

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived… Your sweaty palms clutch to the microphone you’re holding like it is your only lifeline. The butterflies in your stomach won’t stop fluttering.  The pounding of your heart is so loud that you almost miss the words you have been so anxious waiting for……..

“Introducing, Miss Dolly Presley!”

The crowd goes WILD! You step out on the stage… and YOU KILL IT! Continue reading