Exhausting All Possibilities

I am the Queen of Unfinished business.  If you take a look in my guest room you will find half done knitting projects. Three scrapbooks I have attempted to put together, and an array of other “projects and hobbies” I told myself I would finish.

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It’s not that I mean to bail…I just get tired, frustrated, bored, and well…..let’s face it…I’m lazy.

My mother has been trying to teach me to knit for 20 something years. It has been the source of some of our greatest fights and shouting matches. She would get me going on a couple of rows and then it happened…..the two year old fit and the same excuse……. Continue reading

My Moment

I have heard it said that Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Now, I am not going to lie, I always thought my life would END at the end of my comfort zone. I could just picture me taking a leap out of a flying plane, only to hear the pilot say as I made my exit…. “Hey! You forgot the parachute!

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I longed for adventure and change, but I could not get past the fear of what MIGHT happen if I opened myself up to it. Seriously…..so much could go wrong. What if I looked stupid? What if I totally botched it? What if I thought I was totally rocking it and I fell flat on my face? Continue reading

Sticking Around


Those are the exact miles I have hiked in the past 5.5 months. What started as another harebrained idea of mine, has ended up changing my life. I was a sad and broken soul, desperate for change. My purpose was lost, and I needed to find it.

What I found was something much, much greater. Continue reading

I’m Worn

I’m tired
I’m worn
My heart is heavy
From the work it takes to keep on breathing

These were the words I heard as I started my car this morning to head to work.  I knew the song well, even though it had been a while since I had heard it.  As I entered my car, there was no better way to describe me then by these words…

I’ve made mistakes
I’ve let my hope fail
My soul feels crushed
By the weight of this world Continue reading

I Lived

“Girl, you really need to just stop. You are embarrassing us, and I really just want to go home and eat a box of Fudge Rounds.”

This is the actual conversation I had with myself about a mile into my hike on Saturday.

The day started out well enough. I met some fellow hiking enthusiast to tackle one of the toughest hikes in the park…. Rocky Top. Most of the people in the group I had never met until that morning… in fact, I only knew two of the ladies and had already hiked with them. But the rest were strangers and I didn’t really know what to expect. Continue reading

Don’t Make The Rocks Scream

You know how sometimes you think you know the meaning of something, and then BAM! Just like that something happens and for the first time, you have a whole new understanding of the word? Well that happened to me this week.

My whole life I have felt I understood the word Praise.  I would go to church on Sunday and tell God how great He was and then I would go back home and go about my business. The following Sunday I would go and do the same thing.  Praise was merely telling someone, “Good Job!” Continue reading

Towards The Sunshine

Sad. I feel incredibly sad.

Most days I can face the stresses  and anxieties of the day ahead with a firm and steadfast resolve. I wake up with a You can try, but You’ll never knock me down attitude, and I am ready to battle the day ahead.

And then, there are days like today. Days where I Muse over the events transpiring around me, and I want to retreat into the dark spaces of my own mind. Days where humor and even Little Debbie can’t make me feel better.

Sometimes my thoughts are just too complicated. Continue reading

The Beast In Me

“The beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars.”  –    Johnny Cash

If you tell yourself something for long enough, eventually you are going to start to believe it.  Whether good or bad…. over time you will start to develop an idea of yourself and it can be difficult to overcome, especially if the belief is negative.

Never in my 41 years have I thought of myself as a beast. In fact looking at the word makes me laugh. When I look at myself I don’t see beast. I actually see…well…. this…..

I tend to think of myself as frail and weak rather then a beast.

Until this past weekend. Continue reading

The First Step

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

If there is one thing I have learned in my 41 years on this earth, it is that life is a journey. It is going to happen whether we take part in it or not, and we have the decision as to how much of it we want to experience.

For a long time I was contented to just sit back and watch others have their journey. I knew I wanted to experience some awesome adventures like they were, but I didn’t know how. Making excuses seemed to be the only thing I was good at. Continue reading

Enough Is Enough…..

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it is because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

Normally I shy away from controversial topics. It’s not because I am not passionate, unconcerned, or uninformed, but more because I have learned sometimes the strongest voices are the ones who may appear the weakest.

The times we are currently living in are scary. Very scary. Some days when I turn on the news, I silently pray… Please Lord come now. My fears and sadness are not just because of the violence and destruction I see, but also the ignorance that is displayed. Continue reading