A Masterpiece

Do you ever catch yourself repeating the same phrase over and over, and OVER again? You know, one of those pesky little sayings that really is not meant to be a fact statement, but you say it so much, that eventually over time you start to believe it?


If so, then this post if for you.  If not….read it anyway because, well, let’s face it….. you know you really do what I am talking about. Continue reading

Dancing In The Rain

It happened again this weekend.  While pushing my cart around the grocery store I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years.   Of course we exchanged pleasantries and then…. it happened…… THE question everyone likes to ask….

“So, are you married?”

When I reply with a simple “No” the look I get is always the same. Continue reading

Throw Beams….Not Daggers

I’m a scrapper.

While I am totally sweet and adorable, I can also get a little redneck when I need to and can hold my own with the best of them.  Getting myself into a good little scrap every now and then is…well fun to me. I pride myself on being quick witted and pretty good at bringing people down.

That is pretty sad that I just admitted to being good at that.

Pathetic actually. Continue reading

I Don’t Get It

Thomas Edison once said,  “It is Obvious that we don’t know one millionth of one percent about anything.”  Ain’t that the truth?!  Sometimes I look at everything going on around me and I just have to say……  “I don’t get it.” So many times the path looks obvious to me, but then I notice others going the opposite direction and I am left to question myself….”Huh????” Continue reading