Dancing In The Rain

It happened again this weekend.  While pushing my cart around the grocery store I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years.   Of course we exchanged pleasantries and then…. it happened…… THE question everyone likes to ask….

“So, are you married?”

When I reply with a simple “No” the look I get is always the same. Continue reading

A Full Place Setting

Well here it is… I am officially becoming a Blogger.  I love to write and have heard so much encouragement from friends to start a blog. REALLY?  Why in the world would anyone care about anything I have to say?  But if my words bring any laughter, encouragement, or thought into your day then why not?   Now all you encouragers need to follow me.  🙂

So to give you the low down on me,  I am  40, single, and live in the same small town in the South that I grew up in, that recently was named the #3 place in the country that is horrible for singles to live in.  Sounds exciting right? Continue reading