Taste Each Day

Some days I feel like I am in a war.

With myself.

The internal battle inside my head is crazy intense and I find myself arguing with my inner self like two 10 year old girls.

“You are such a baby!”

“No I”m not!  You are!”

“Whatever loser!”

“I know you are but what am I?” Continue reading


My Own Pace

“There is an old weather bettion house
that stands near a wood
With an orchard near by it
For all most one hundred years it has stood

It was my home in infency
It sheltered me in youth
When I tell you I love it
I tell you the truth.”

The above poem was written by Louisa Walker.  She was one of the infamous Walker Sisters who grew up deep inside the Great Smoky Mountains.  Her grandfather built a cabin in Little Greenbrier Cove sometime in the 1840’s.  When her father, John, came home from fighting for the Union in the Civil War, he moved his wife Margaret to the house and there they raised 11 children.  Continue reading

Our Own Backyard

Growing up two things were stressed to me and my sister.

  1. Work hard.
  2. And always have a sense of Adventure.

My sister and I learned early on that we were far from wealthy, but we also learned that we were rich in imagination and creativity. We couldn’t go to the jungle to ride the elephants and play with tigers. And we sure couldn’t jet off to Europe each week to go hike across the Alps. But what we could do was imagine…. and dream Continue reading