Yes, I Weigh 125 lbs., And Other Lies I Tell Myself

Sometimes, real life sucks, so I daydream. My life is so much more interesting and fulfilling in those fantasies then they are in reality. For example, Yesterday at the Doctor’s office, the nurse wanted to know my weight, my response was, “Do you want my real weight, or the Mythical weight I  have convinced myself I am?” Thankfully, she let me enter my mythical weight.

Surely I am not the only one who, in their head, has a far more entertaining life then they do in reality????  We mean well, and aren’t really trying to be deceptive, but sometimes it is just way easier to fill my head with nonsense, than it is to live out the truth. Continue reading

The Story In Me

I love to talk. I mean REALLY love to talk. If you spend more then 10 minutes with me you will probably be dizzy from the constant babble that exits my mouth.

I have always been this way. Just ask my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Nelson. At the first Parent/Teacher Conference of the year she politely told my mother that I was the “most sociable child” she had ever met.

In other words… I wouldn’t shut up. Continue reading

My Raison D’être

Raison D’être.  Doesn’t that sound so exotic? Being from the South, you can say anything with a fancy French accent and I would swoon. Around here, we just don’t hear sayings like that.

Raison D’être is a French term meaning, “the reason or justification of existence.” Why do I do what it is I do? Why am I EVEN here? What is my purpose?

Wow…. that’s deep stuff right there. Continue reading