Funny Things

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” George Bernard Shaw

For some folks, growing in age means, losing their sense of adventure. As they grow older, the days of Playful joy seems to wither away. Fortunately I have been surrounded by people my whole life who appreciate and value the playful side of life.

From an early age, I learned quickly that in order to survive in my family, you had to be ready to play at all times. My little, proper, Southern Grandmother was the ring leader. While she was the main disciplinarian in our family, she was also the biggest kid.

She had traditions like getting tossed under the bed on your birthday (don’t ask), Christmas carols 52 weeks a year, and an ADT system around the baby Jesus in her nativity scene. (Again… DON’T ask.)

Life is too short, and to spend it NOT having fun is just plain dumb.

Where is the rule that says you have to stop having fun?  Why do we frown and shake our heads when we see an adult, do something….Playful?

Thankfully, I look to the great Dr. Seuss for answers when I am feeling a little “TOO GROWN UP”

We are not meant to blend in, fit in, and conform. We were created to explore, laugh, and appreciate life. Just because we grow up in size, doesn’t mean we have to leave behind our playful spirit. Each and every day is a new adventure….waiting to be discovered. Do it joyfully, playfully, and laughingly!

Somewhere our society has told us that being playful is for children and to do so as an adult makes us immature. We are forced to sit and stare at computers all day, wearing our business attire, and sipping coffee the consistency of motor oil.


Get out there and play! Who cares what other people think?!?!!?

Make funny faces

Lay in the middle of field with other people staring at you and take a pretend nap selfie.

Find a wild hog trap and pretend you are one trapped in the mountains.

Wear your new headlamp around the office and freak out your co-workers.

And maybe at Christmas wear the decorations on your self!

Whatever it is… DO IT!  Have fun! And remember……

From there to here,
From here to there,
Funny Things…. are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

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